TD Club Presents Coach Holgerson with Mike Leech Via Zoom Tonight

Here is the Zoom link to register for the 7 p.m., Wed., June 17, Roundtable discussion with UH’s Dana Holgorsen and Mississippi State’s Mike Leach. They will talk about their respective teams, about college football in general and other subjects.

The way this link is supposed to work is that you click on this link and register in advance for a Zoom webinar. Then Zoom sends you an email with the number of the TD Club’s webinar as well as a password code. Zoom also send a reminder email the day of the event. We can have up to 500 participate in this event. It is possible that if you wait until the last minute to register then you will not be able to participate.


Just got through watching and listening. Most was just shooting the bull and stories of past between the two. But there was a question about Tune and Dana made it crystal clear that Tune is the guy and CDH is excited about him as our QB. He said Tune is on course to graduate in 3 years and is very smart – always good to hear. Was positive about our WR’s and RB’s.


I used to like hearing about our student athletes being on course to graduate early. But nowadays when that happens, they start looking at other options and other schools start contacting them if they have a big year.



After all young Tune has been through, and the fact that he is just now getting comfortable in the new offense, leads me to believe he will be here as our starter for the next two years…


I don’t think Tune is the answer to our QB problems. I also think Soffian Massoud is going to be the starter after this season.

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I think you are wrong. I think some folks were so invested emotionally in King that Tune became an outlet for their disappointment with King redhirting and bailing.