TDECU Expanded

Apologies for the photoshop skills. Had some free time and decided to expand TDECU off of early mock floating around.


I’m okay with a football stadium that seats around 50+k heading into the Big12. May be looking at a 2018 expansion while joining.

I would agree; 10k would be a huge jump up! My first goal is get rid of the ~5 rows of seats on the north side of the stadium (biggest eyesore for me).

Nice photoshop.

Btw that’s the 50K look not the 60K look.

Coogs15 - Our seats are on the north side in 229. Which 5 rows do you want to get rid of on the north side?

A 10k increase is plenty for the time being. It’ll be enough additional seats to keep Texas from requiring our home games against them to be held at NRG. After all Texas has no issue playing at McLane and Amon G. Carter, both of which hold 45k.

Opposite view.


Want it increased to about 20 rows, seating approximately the same as the south side.

Looks good!

Nice job! I’m with everyone here, I think a jump of 10k is practical and gives a nice look to the stadium.

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The stadium WILL be expanded one day, and, it’s amazing how soon it will happen after being initially constructed. I look forward to that day.

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We announced - just a few weeks ago - that the metal skin would be finished before the beginning of this season. Nothing seems to be happening, and I think the reason is that we foresee an expansion of the stadium coming up very soon!

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Great job on the photoshop @Coogs15 I have been waiting for someone to show us what the big stadium would look like.

Would love the need to expand and perhaps that will happen if we join a P5 conference. But as a season ticket holder, I see plenty of empty seats each week. We need to encourage others to attend the games. That, in my opinion, is what keeps us out of the P5. If we keep winning and have a sold out stadium, the Country can’t ignore us for very long.

A sold out 40k looks better than a half empty 50k.

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I’m no Will Hunting, but that math doesn’t check out.


Right. Lol. Won’t that be 1/5th empty.

The absolute worst thing we could do from a financial perspective is expand to 50k with those 10k seats being in the endzone. Expanding premium seating options would be good but we would just be throwing money away to add 10k of the cheapest seats in the house. We have to keep driving demand up while we are increasing prices. Sure, a ton of people will want to watch UT, OU, TCU and Tech. How many people care about the rest of the conference? Not many unless we are 10-0. You don’t spend $20-50 milion just so you can have a bigger stadium that can contain a crowd you are going to get 2-3 times per year.

My statement has nothing to do with math. With 40k you better get season tickets if you want in. At 50k, too many fans will wait to buy a ticket or have an excuse for not going. All about demand and a desire to be there.

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I don’t think we should expand unless we start selling out EVERY game and not just against top 25 opponents OR if we get accepted to a P5 conference. It is kind of weird that you think expansion would reduce ticket sales by 15k per game if we expanded to 50k though.

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