TDECU Seating

Looking at getting tickets for the Tulsa game. Second hand market has section 104 in the first row. We have never been that low, and oddly enough I am wondering if that is actually too close to the field to get a good vantage point of the game.

104 also has some secondhand tickets on the back two rows of the same section. Only about $7/ticket difference in price.

Just my opinion, being OOTC and only making it to one game so far, but the concourse in front of the club is a perfect angle. Below about row 5, you can’t see a thing through the bench if you’re along the sidelines.

We sit about three rows from the top of the lower bowl. I wouldn’t move a lot lower in our section because we are on about the 12. We would take a hard look at seats in the 200’s if there were some services up there. I assume that might happen when/if the stadium expands.

The 200s and the 100s share the same concourse – at least on the northside. In between quarters, I can hit the head, buy a beer, and be back in my seat before the next snap. It’s the 300s that make you take a hike.

I sit 2nd row of 130 right behind the A in the Houston Cougars on the visitors side (which happens to strategically be behind the visitors defensive bench…), not sight line problems here. Plus we are generally standing, screaming and yelling the entire game.

We have seats on rows 3,4 and 5 of section 104 and do not have any sight line problems.

Forgot to mention - sit on the south side, less chance of somebody standing in front of you the whole game.

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