TDECU Stadium Renovations & Expansions

You used to be able tobuy seats in a suite. My brother chose to get club seats instead. You have to pay for your food in the suites. In the club you do not.

On a side note is the Club food any good, I have thought about moving over to the Yeoman Hall seats, but always eat before the game so have not been able to justify the price increase.

Also here is how you join the wait list

Suites can be used to wine and dine BMDs and corporate partners, or soon to be, corporate partners. Show them a good time and if the team does well, watch the NIL for football grow. The same result does not happen with stadium seating.

the club food was really good under Aramarks last year. Since then it has gone down hill. Very little choice. They have definitely gone cheap since then.

4/4/2024 11:25am Compare these photos with the ones I posted above and you can see how much can be done in 2 days.



My question is why is some of the steel hot dipped galvanized and some of it have a rusty look? Is the rusty look steel COR-TEN which just has a rusty patina, but doesn’t actually rust. Any of you CEs have an thought on that.?

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Does anyone know if they plan on changing the outer exterior of the stadium from that metal mesh looking facade?

Do you fans realize the cost of the football ops building at $140 vs what we paid for TDECU stadium. Even though this was years ago our stadium cost had/has to be one of the lowest in stadium construction history. We got a bargain.

Based on the rising prices of buying a house and even groceries, It doenst surprise me inflation on construction has gone up that much. No good all around.

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I believe the galvanized are for weather exposed and the non are interior. Kinda like wood studs.

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BTW the slow part are all the interior work. So don’t judge by how fast the framing is going up.

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I think what they have said in the past is the videoboard will be installed for the 2024 season which is not a stretch because I am pretty sure once the building is dried in and they run the electrical they can hang the board.

But will it be working? :laughing:

That’s a 35% increase in 2 years; don’t tell me inflation is under control.


Yep, that’s like I said in an earlier post; underground and interior go slow, framing and enclosing go faster.

The new sound system going to be like… 1ST DOWN COUGARS
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You are just not listening to the correct media outlets :sunglasses:!

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What will be done by 2024 football season?

At least the scoreboard and some of the building or no score board yet lol

Well there is a demand for them and a waiting list so many others knew how to pick up a phone and get on-line.

Setting up a crane on the west side today
They also got more slab poured yesterday (Friday )