TDECU Stadium Renovations & Expansions

So 352 in O’Rourke Pavillion
475 in End Zone club
14 suites x 16 = 224 suite seats

Total of 1,051 premium seats.

The old end zone held 2,300 cheap seats.

So a loss of 1,250 seats, but a huge gain in revenue.


The 360 deg access with the bridge is huge.

We need more elevators to that level.

And air conditioned bathrooms! :man_dancing:


It’s all about the dead presidents.

Welcome to AAA minor leagues of the NFL.

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I believe that Apple Boy was a LAZY hire by the administration and was a loser in many ways.

Never liked the hire.


Monso being Monso.

what do you guys do in the bathroom that you need a/c? Take a dump at home before you come to the game.

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Man… one time i had to drop trout, as Sean Salsberry says

Uh, have to disagree here. If it’s a UH game I promise you there will be many, many times when you will need to “take a dump.” A/C just seems to make things “flow” a bit easier!

CDH didn’t have any problems taking a dump at TDECU.



Looks like they have started to assemble the scoreboard.


So, I take it Queenie O’Rourke is a huge fan/ alumni and donor to UH athletics?

i think she is kin (wife?) to the big time lawyer O’Rourke that has given a ton to UH Football and we are very grateful .
Go Coogs !

The big time lawyer who has donated so much to UH is John O’Quinn, RIP. Pamela O’Quinn is who you are referring to.

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No. That’s John O"Quinn.

Queenie O’Rourke is not a housewife. She runs Icon Technology.

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*They own IKON which advertises quite a bit at UH events
He isn’t a lawyer
They have given frequently supporting UH athletics

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Thank you Chiclets for the correct info.
Go Coogs !

Man it’s lookin good…