Team Captains

Seth Green and Kody Russey made quick impressions with their teammates.

Hypolite is one I believe is on the verge of a huge season.


5 out of 8 are from the portal. That speaks volumes of the new way of recruiting. Kids used to get trapped. Stuck on a depth chart. Maybe a culture difference. Maybe a coaching change.

We have 5 captains from the portal. 2 moved from lower conferences to help their careers with Kody and Marcus. 3 left P5 schools for better opportunities in Seth, Deborah and Hasaan.

Early signing dates, transfer portals and NLI…what a different world than what most of us grew up on.


2 of the 5 are grad transfers so It makes sense they have experience and lead the room.

I wonder if we will run some 2 tight end sets.

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Excited at the prospect of having two quality TEs we can rotate and use together. Probably see some RB/HB/WC looks with the two of them.

Seth being a team captain is the one that caused me to go woah!