Team To Beat

Whereas, I think the Coogs will eventually become a power in the B12, I think the team that can become a big dog in the league is TCU. With OU/UT out of the way, the Frogs could dominate much like they did in CUSA and the MWC. Thoughts?

Okie State. They have it all.


Can’t forget Iowa State either.

Reality is, we have a LONG ASS WAY to go before we can be competitive playing in this league. Would it shock me if we had a great first or second year, and then kinda fell back (a la TCU), absolutely not.

We got the invite to the dance, now we have to figure out how to tie our damn shoes - and win games!


I don’t think any team dominates, but Ok State would be my best guess if I had to make one. TCU would be my 2nd guess because of the money/resources but their goal seems to be to build up for 1-2 years at a time of being elite (5 losing seasons in 9 Big 12 years but 3 top 10 finishes). I think Baylor and Tech are hurt the most by us and the new teams but can still have a nice run with the right coach. Even Kansas could have a couple years of success.

Btw, TCU is going to miss all those easy games they had against UT. They loved to smack around the Longhorns.


I would say BYU and/or UCF. Cincy will be at top in football also as long as they can keep their coach. Lose him and they could be just like us, rock bottom. Okie state has best chance of heritage B12 teams of being big dog. At the top of our leaders priorities has to be to fix our football mess, asap.

I predict BYU will win the first new conference championship.


If Cinci can keep Fickell, they have a chance to be a top 15 team each year as they continue to improve recruiting.

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I think Okie State, UH, Cincy, and BYU have the most potential upside.

As someone else mentioned, Okie State is already in a good position.

UH, Cincy, and BYU all now have the one big “disadvantage” than they had (being non-P5) lifted off their back. This gives Ohio State its first truly legitimate in-state competition for P5 level recruits, and lets UH recruit on a level that it hasn’t been able to in decades.

I think you’ll see those programs OVER TIME (though perhaps not right away), dominate for that reason.

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It is the only conference where 11 of the 12 teams can reasonably expect to compete for a conference championship most years.

It is very evenly matched.

UCF is building a monster.

We better put our big boy pants on because we have been talking a big game for a longtime and now we have a conference full of good teams. We have to improve in every area.


Stole this from Facebook. Show how consistent Ok St has been. Also shows how BYU has not really done much and just gets propped up thanks to a huge fan base.


Fickell wants two things in life: #1- to BEAT Ohio State #2 To COACH at Ohio State.

With their 25 - 30 year old mission fellas coming off their long tour mission trips … they could probably play a few NFL teams who are younger. and less experienced and win.

It will take awhile to get use to playing those older aged blue cougars …

UCF … WAS building a monster … but they have Gus Malzahn now and he is a dilemma in hiding …

His win/loss record would pass muster in any P5 or G5 conf … unless one realizes that Bama is in your division …

Well Bama is not in the Big12 and Malzahn will have to prove he can recruit and win in a P5 other than the SEC … I suspect Heupel would have stayed at UCF had he known the knights were joining a P5

I feel like Okie St is and has been the most consistent. They are always seemingly in a good position and they have a good coach who’s been there forever. Plus I feel like they recruit well and have good culture / traditions with fans and what not. They’re the team to beat in my book. Despite being overshadowed by big brO-U