Teams Best Built For March Madness Dominance

Houston Cougars

From mid-December through the loss to Temple last week, it seemed like a lot of people were writing off Houston as “that other team trying to go undefeated.” But the Cougars are stout on defense, they have a ton of veteran leadership in the backcourt and they have two certified three-point gunners in Corey Davis Jr. (36.6 percent) and Armoni Brooks (38.1 percent). Houston is a fringe championship contender at best, but it has the makings of a team that could make a deep run.


If we could get a groove going on offense I would be pretty optimistic about a deep run.


We need a leader on offense. Someone willing to take over.

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I’d rather play team ball


We already play team ball. But we need a guy that takes it to the hoop with confidence when the 3’s aren’t falling.


Defense will keep us close against everyone. If we are hitting the 3s we are a second weekend team. With a little luck they are a final four team. National Championship? Hey stranger things have happened.

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I see Houston in the Final Four it could happen.


Nate! He just seems to show up in the big games.

As far as how far this team can go… if they play to their best I’d say Elite 8. Anything more is gravy and simply sets up future runs. Last year the bracket really opened up… we could’ve gone to the Finals!!! Hump you forever Michigan!!! Lucky ass heave three pointer! Eat a fat one!

Michigan used up there quota of good luck for several years - in that one game! First of all, they got 2 free throws on a 3-point shot; five friggin’ points on one play. That is the first time I have ever seen that happen, and I have been watching basketball for some 70 years. Wiped out our 5-point lead late in the game.

And then we had a 2-point lead with virtually no time remaining, and one of our very best 3-throw shooters was at the line to shoot 2; he missed both!

And then - finally - they threw the ball in bounds from the far end of the court with about 1 second remaining, and a guy, who had missed every 3-point shot he had taken in the entire game, hit the winning basket with an off-balance shot taken from the parking lot!

Talk about “LUCK”!


Yup…that pretty much summed it up. Major heart break.

Maybe we’re due for similar luck.

Everybody, me included, thought that ending was sheer luck. I’ve watched michigan a couple times now this year and that kid is actually just a great shooter. He can hit from anywhere, on or off-balance. He’s shooting .448 from three 17 games in. His fg% is .50, FT .833.
Mich coach was prolly thinking ‘hey, we get it in his hands 50/50 chance we leave here with a win.’


I think we saw that last night when Corey took over to seal the game. Corey is the guy who needs the ball in his hands to close out games. Almost did it at Temple, but we know how that went…


Recent national champions have shown there is a wide variety of ways to build a contender. But there are some commonalities they share, including elite defense, veteran leadership in the backcourt, at least one three-point assassin, a lengthy winning streak during the regular season and a lot of quality wins.

I love how the current Coogs check all the boxes on the criteria. It’d be beyond my wildest dreams to envision them going all the way, but whatever happens, they’re gonna be a squad no one is gonna want to play.

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