Teams that have moved up

We’re lucky because only a few have received p5 invites:
Maryland doesn’t count bc they were p5

So it’s 8


Louisville, Rutgers, UH, Cincy all played in Big East, moved down, and moved back up.

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I hope that’s not a harbinger

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Houston never played in the Big East. The Big East dissolved before we played our first game.

Rutgers and Louisville secured landing spots before the Big East/American Athletic Conference was relegated to Non- Power status so they never "moved down "

The AAC was a BCS Conference in our first year.
UCF played Baylor in the Fiesta Bowl.


Well all those schools were in non power conferences before joining the big east. Cincy and Louisville were c-usa, and Rutgers was MAC then independent before the big east. And by the time we played our first season in 2013, the big east had already lost power status. So the only time we technically moved down was when we left the SWC. Although that was before the power conference deal.

And just think, at one time Louisville was playing football in the Missouri Valley with Drake, West Texas and Wichita State.

I remember when Louisville got called up from Cusa to the big East and it was depressing playing them in Cusa until they left. It will be fun playing in the aac knowing we’re moving up.

If Louisville and Rutgers count, then West Virginia should, too.

The interesting dateline is 1984 when okie won their case against the ncaa. This is when everything changed. Interesting because it took to 2021 and the NIL decision for another milestone affecting college sports. Could the ncaa have prevented all of this? Of course they could have but follow the money.

West vir joined the big East in 1995 then the big 12 so they were good for decades. Rutgers was in then out and no one was sure if they would ever get called up again. West vir wasn’t ever on the outside if I recall right.

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People who work hard luck seems to favor them. We’re back to where we came from. Full circle. I feel UH like that Loki character we were banished for being too ambitious and did not know our place. We are just not devious like Loki.

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They need to erect a statue of Schnellenberger

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We lost to Louisville in ‘84 in the Dome. It was horrible.

And beat the hell out of them if I remember right…

I remember one time Louisville was #5 in the country with a Heisman front-runner QB and they got smoked at TDECU!

BIG ED was insane in that game!


I was just thinking about the same thing. That was a great game for the Coogs! The defense was killing the Cards so back the QB was beating on the ground.


So the distinction is that West Virginia didn’t spend a year in AAC purgatory before moving to the Big 12. Louisville and Rutgers did spend a year in the AAC. I see the difference.

Rutgers was never out. The first year of the AAC we were a BCS Conference. They bounced to the B1G 10 the next season so they went straight from a BCS Conference to a newly named P5 Conference.

UCF was our BCS representative in our first and only season as a member of a BCS conference

I am not sure how far you are going back, but Pitt was originally left out & then added back!

And so were we.