Teams with highest % of yards returning

UH comes in at # 41…right behind OU.

Other notables:

1 - Louisville
5 - SMU
7 - USF
12 - UCF
35 - Temple
52 - Tulsa
85 - Cincinnati
98 - Texas State
103 - Tulane
104 - East Carolina
110 - Memphis
123 - Navy

Sucks for UCF.

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Would be more interested in % of TDs returning vs yards and would also bra more meaningful stat if it was put in context of the overall offensive rank. Returning your WRs, RB and QB from a weak offense would make you rank high on this list whereas we return some WRs and QB but most expect our offense will continue to rank highly next year. E.g., wouldn’t trade with UCONN.

It depends on how you define weak offense. UConn fans would agree their offense wasn’t where it needed to be, but they have an entirely different goal than us. They are building a team around ball control, as few possessions as possible and finals scores in the Teens or Twenties at the highest. That’s almost entirely opposite of our goal, though I think we did a pretty good job playing ball control vs Navy in re-watching that one.

Your point is one I generally agree with though. I would be more concerned by Navy (123rd on this list) than the prospect of facing UCF (12th). Navy may not have much proven experience, but they will have guys who have played in a system that consistently gives lots of good defenses fits. Though we matched up very well with their Triple Option last year, so I feel reasonably confident. Louisville at #1 returning an offense that got a lot better by the end of 2015 is a scary thought.

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