Teams With Most Revenue Coming From College Basketball

UH is not in the top 50. Probably some of it is due to Fertitta Center’s size. On one hand, it shows what a great job Kelvin and staff can do compared to richer programs. On the other hand, it is another reminder why we are looking for a fund raising AD.

Are those numbers from our last year in the American?

Most likely. But don’t lose the message.

No doubt. Just want to point out that the only non-P5 programs that made the list were SDSU and UConn who were both finalists in '23. On another note check out Louisville. Thats one reason why they should be a top target for the B12 if the ACC gets raided by the SEC/B10.

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7k arena.

Baylor was not on the list and they were in the B12 in 2023.

I think these are public schools only.

Which is why Duke, USC, Baylor, TCU, the private Big East schools, etc are not on there.

Makes sense. Thank you.

Yeah, it’s one of the frustrating things about cheering for private schools.

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Does anyone think any of the charts College Basketball Report puts out are credible???


It’s on the internet.

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I can’t lie.

I do believe that we should have gone with 8 to 8.5K for Fertitta Center.

7.1K was too small in retrospect.


Doubtful. What is counted for revenue and how it is counted may differ from school to school within GAAP

BIG 12 wasnt in the cards when it got renovated tbh. UH basketball was drawing low, too!!! In their defense.


7k is enough, you got to think about the program after Sampson is gone.

No guarantee that Kellen will be good.


Just imagine. Sampson leaves after the 2019 NCAA tourney and heads to Arkansas.

Whole staff goes with him

We’re still in the AAC, cause no Big12 invite. Wednesday night games vs Tulsa, East Carolina, filling half the arena.

Pezman making the hire…things couldve been alot different

Where we’d hope to fill 7,100

We can’t even fill up 100%.
This is embarrassing for a top 5 team.

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We were over 100% last year but for some reason we reported 0 attendance for the KState game so our attendance number on the website says 6900 something. Once you add back in the KState attendance which was 7260, then our attendance goes up to 7351. So 103.5%.


don’t believe anything College Basketball Report puts out!


That’s on Lauren… :rofl::rofl::rofl: