Tech, Baylor, and TCU tried to keep us out

I hope the big 12 does round robin vs divisions so we get our top 2 teams playing for the championship.


Just get your hate on!!!

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Wish I could like this article 1000 times.

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This was the BIG F you to UT and the other Big12 Base and Patrick telling everyone who is in Charge now.

They all ran him out of KHOU in 83’ and forced him in to radio.

Then he went at them with the new stadiums, which is still the biggest scam on the tax payers.

Now he made them eat crow on forcing us on them.

DP is the man.

Because you can bet your tail if Dewhurst was LT Gov… It would have been a non starter.


I for one don’t know a person outside of Texas that has watched a full four quarters of UT football in their lives. I don’t dispute the numbers. I do think a large chunk of those viewers were UT haters. Same for OU. But the numbers are definitely concerning.

You have to consider too the promotional perspective the conference took on behalf of those programs.

Its just hard for viewers to hate OSU and Baylor the same way they hate UT and OU. The conference media apparatus will definitely earn their money. BYU will help a lot.

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It really makes little sense to put UCF in with Texas+. No reason to have that level of devotion to geography. It’s fine to have outliers when it makes sense. Swap BYU and UCF.

I still think scheduling pods make more sense (Texahoma Pod, God Pod, North Pod, and East Pod) if the NCAA goes along. The only conference with a good division set-up right now is the Pac-12. I strongly suspect divisions are going away.


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Yes and no.

BYU alone draws more than the little 8 combined. Houston, UCF, and Cincy will all make sizable gains due to better competition. I imagine UH v Baylor is going to draw quite a few more viewers than UH vs USF.


So Tech, UH, and OSU in the same pod? That makes sense. Actually the whole thing makes great sense.

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Also assuming you play two external pod members from each pod every year?

I am truly amazed that those schools mentioned still retain the hate from all those years past! you would think they would have outgrown it .
Go Coogs !

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A big thank you to L’G Dan Patrick for his sponsorship footnoted in the article


Unless something has changed, you need 16 schools to go to a pod system. I think it’s divisions until it’s the Big XVI (which the Big XII has trademarked.)

If I were Memphis I would be quite worried. The Big12 would rather leave the slot open and only have 11 teams than to invite them. Yikes!


I won’t go that far, but I’ll give him two thumbs up and an “attaboy” next time I see him.


Yep and that’s what makes great rivalry games and high viewership, HATE!! I can’t wait to kick their a$$.

Winning the Big12 every year is our vengeance.


There is no formal pod system. The WAC-16 officially had rotating divisions. As of right now, that’s what the SEC will need to do, too. But I think the SEC is going to get that rule changed (Big Ten and ACC would also like to do away with divisions, so I don’t think it’s a hard sell). In the meantime, nothing to stop the Big 12 from doing that with sets of three teams (though I don’t think they will as long as you’d have to put them in divisions).

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WAC16 had it right about the pods, best way to handle 16 teams

Just what did Patrick do? I’m kind of curious about that.

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