Tech beat Texas today

Tech beat Texas in OT

However we need to beat rice somehow

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If I was in a better mood I’d give the guy wearing head to toe longhorn gear crap.

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UTSA 2-2 beating TSU today. @ MTSU on friday (beat Miami, FL today).

Does that mean Tech is good or texas is bad?

Kansas will make the playoffs

Tech will lose the Big 12 championship

And Rice makes an NY6 bowl

I say this puts UH at 9-3 for the season


Take a uber.


I want to say that UT is bad but they hung with Bama with a backup QB… Crazy year. Tulane beats KState on the road and now KState leading OU on the road. Just win somehow. Cannot stink it up in the AAC finale and heading into the Big XII


Fans want to be entitled to victories vs schools they deem lesser. Yet every year we see great upsets.

Well at least Texas Lost!

Beer me!


I watched that game.

Tech outplayed the Longhorns. Did not quit in second half. Came from behind.

I’m happy either way.

But also gave up a game-tying FG after going up 3 with less than 30 secs remaining and UT had 0 timeouts. This sounds familiar…

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I’ll have what you are drinking.

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I just got this! :joy:

This is definitely the season where you celebrate ANY win for the Coogs. Last year was the opposite…I didn’t expect much and was surprised at the final record.

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Did they rush the field?

They did indeed. Every win in Lubbock appears to be worthy of storming the field


texas is not as good as everyone wants and bama isnt either and Houston is better than their record but they keep shooting themselves in the foot every game. just cut penalties in half and kansas is probably their only loss and kansas may end up top 25.



Texas is back baby !!!