Tech Game Tickets Needed

Able to make trip last minute. Looking for 2 tickets. Lower level prefered. Would prefer to buy from coog than a broker. Hit me up if you have available.

Give me your phone number so we can talk

Number sent DM. Ill be up for a while.

Same here. Making the trip in from San Antonio. Looking for two. Thanks in advance.

I have three tickets in 233 if anyone is interested. I had to pick up some extras because my parents are Tech alumn and coming to the game.

Do you still have the 3 tickets available and how much?

I have two in section 221. Looking for face value. PM if interested.

Have two tickets 40 yard line lower level

Someone should jump on this deal. I put my tickets on a resale site and was surprised at how quickly they sold over the weekend at well above face. Obviously, I should have asked for more!

I have 2 tickets in Section 239 but now need 3 tickets together in any section. Willing to sell, buy or trade with another Coog.

David - I just looked at the available tickets through our ticket office. If you don’t mind seats in the 300 sections there are a ton of seats available.

My mistake this should have been a reply to SACoog

I wonder that too, there are plenty for sale. I would understand resales if it was sold out.

I was surprised but maybe it was a Tech fan who did not know that tickets were still available.

I think there is a 25 dollar flash sale tomorrow

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@CgrBkr can you please post when the flash sale is available! I need to get tickets for my children. Thanks!

It was through but there must be a run on the site, I can’t pull up the ticket page.

They pulled down single game tickets to the Tech game last night. Any word on why? I was looking at it and plenty were available, then came back a couple hours later and no link.

Well now they seem to be back up for that $65 price. I went ahead and grabbed 4, if there is a $25 sale maybe I will just buy more, lol.

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It is back up. Looks,like plenty available. I was surprised.