Tech vs UH already sold out

Not surprised. Their fans are OBSESSED with us.


Eh, they’re excited about their coach and team, and there’s reduced seating capacity because of construction. If they were that obsessed, this game would have sold out before Oregon.

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Maybe because there are so many students who grew up in the Houston area?

They all want to see Smith again


They rushed the field last year


Were we ranked?

I doubt it.

That’s neat but i’m more interested in our fan base here in the Cage.

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We ranked 25 when we played last year

They will probably boo him

Seating capacity is down to 56,200 for this year due to construction.

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Theyre honoring Dana and the Air Raid that night.

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USC is off that week and that’s when Kliff could be there.

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Honoring Leach that night not so much Holgy lol


Not according to Dana. He says the timing isnt a concidence. :grin:

You rush the field maybe if you beat a top 10 team.

You don’t rush the field if you are a power 5 team against a G5 opponent.

It’s kind of ridiculous.

But it’s Texas tech and they want to beat us badly.

It was an exciting game with an amazing finish in double OT against a top 25 in state rival, seemed very appropriate to me.


If you go to the game checkout Rosas Cafe great Tex-Mex food…

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I hope we never storm the field after beating rice or SMU or UTSA. But that’s me.


So now we’re football snobs, way to embrace the P5 BS