TEDCU Maintenance

How do we let Maintenance know a cable is broken @ ribbon sign marker 141? Nervous someone will trip over it and take a big plunge . . . . .

I had a TDECU maintenance concern and called the Athletic Dept who connected me with the Director of Stadium Operations IIRC.

You don’t understand; the University of Houston DOES NO MAINTENANCE - ever. Just look at the history of Hofheinz Pavilion; they would not even paint the front doors! Eventually, the building got so bad that they gutted the whole thing and started over. THAT IS WHAT THEY DO!

You don´t understand. TDECU, and the new facilities being built are under new management. 73 Coog´s advise is worth a shot.

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Bruce Gregory - bgregor2@Central.UH.EDU

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Come on Pat, you are sounding like a grumpy old man. Our lack of funds had more to do with past neglect than interest.


Of course, I sound like a grumpy old man because that’s WHAT I AM; and you have no idea just HOW grumpy! :rolling_eyes:

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