Temple replacing Ugone in 2020 home game

I think the football players go to UConn so they can get tickets to the Women’s BB games. That’s the only reason I can think of to go to school there.

Temple has been as good (or in last year’s case: better) as us the last 3 years. And considering they’re a northern school with iffy football history and no on campus stadium, that says a lot about them.

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Last year Temple was 8-5 overall, same as us. However, they were 7-1 in AAC games including beating us 59-49. I wouldn’t think it wise to degrade a team that had a better conference record than we and put 59 points on us.


There was a time when Temple was pretty bad (thus being kicked out of the Big East), but they have been pretty good for a while now.

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I do not think their overall history in football is very good.

EE, we can pick and choose, but remember, there were times when we weren’t very good either. That said, they are a solid program now and have been for a while. They represent the AAC well.



Their football program is historically bad but not bad lately. They’re doing more for this conference than SMU has, which its opposite history and present.

A win over us does not erase decades of mediocrity but if it makes some of y’all feel better that’s fine.

Its makes me feel better when we talk about what is happening now, what happened decades ago makes no difference today. I’m sure that after getting beaten 59-49, our guys didn’t walk off the field yelling, “Yeah, well you used to suck.” But if putting others down makes you feel better, go for it.

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I understand that our guys walked off the field yelling that Apple Boy sucked.

Oh, wait, that is what I was yelling :sunglasses:

Things that happened decades ago are mentioned daily on this board maybe even hourly. If folks feel beaten down, put down or crapped on that’s part of the problem but recognizing that is the first step to improvement. Now that those folks know, they should go for it!

Well, that everything in life. Same could be said about when we received our Degrees from UH…

And therein lies the difference between UH and so many other schools desperately wanting to move up to P5 status. UH made the difficult decision to commit resources to achieving that goal. Wailing at the moon won’t get you there.

There’s a second aspect here. The AAC wants to market itself as a P6 conference. And I’m all in for that effort but to get there every team has to be onboard. Each team that makes meaningful moves to improve its program strengthens the whole conference.

Third, to strengthen the whole may necessitate culling the weak. UConn’s leaving is all good. But programs such as Tulane are a drag on the whole.


Agreed. I admire the heck out of how they’ve built as consistent a winner as you can build with what they have going for them geography and facility wise.

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I’m not a big fan of Tulane and believe they should not have been invited, but they’ve been doing what they can.

It’s Tulsa that seems to be coasting (or is otherwise just too strapped to do anything).

That said, full members don’t get kicked out of conferences.

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Temple got kicked out of the Big East several years back.

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They weren’t full members.