Temple replacing Ugone in 2020 home game

Twitter chatter indicating 2020 home game with Ugone could be replaced with Temple…
It is an improvement to our schedule


Did Temple ever make a final decision on an on campus football stadium?

Didn’t get approved…

Temple football stadium plans stall as opposition continues to grow
“…Facing intense community opposition, skeptical legislators and a summer leadership crisis that forced Temple’s provost and president to step down, the school has no clear timeline to bring a new proposal to City Hall…”

Wow…how bad is UConn when we view Temple as an “upgrade” to our schedule !


They spanked us at home last year.


Say what we will about Temple, but they’ve not only remained competitive they’ve done so despite losing four coaches within a decade or so (not counting Diaz).


Apple Boy !

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It’s bad!

Very f’ing bad in football.

Uh, UConn was 1-11 last year. I would say that’s pretty bad.

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Since beating UH and finishing conf play at 4-4 in 2015, they have won 3 conf games over 3 seasons.

Pretty sure Major was winless and undefeated against UConn as HC at UH

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They’re one of the programs that have really stepped up since stepping up into the AAC. And they have as many conference titles as we do.

Reread. The comment had to do with the Temple game where they physically beat us !

TLC lost to UConn…

Its going to be fun watching teams pile on UConn football next year. If I was a player I’d be transferring. Honestly…they are doing those kids wrong.

I see it now. I thought this was piling on UConn time.

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UConn ought to let the kids transfer out and shutter the program. Period. They went there to play ball and now the team will just go away.