Temple struggling with Army

Army leads 21-13 and has the ball on Temple 30 with 5 min. to play. Not a good start for AAC.

TERRIBLE! They lost! Bad start!

Yeesh…28-13 Army.

Jeff Monken’s a good coach though and Army should be better than they have. Still, did the news of not making the Big 12 hit Temple that hard today; did they really expect to make it? Or, Cinderella’s glass slipper just fell off Matt Rhule’s foot.


What the heck man! Come on AAC we need a group effort this year again!

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Was Temple’s normal RB out? I didn’t see him in the stat line.

Yes, Thomas was out with a sprained hand.

Temple, Cincy, and UCONN look bad out of the gates. Hopefully USF, and to a lesser extent ECU, can lead the charge in the east.

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