Temple wants to score points

Temple loading up on offense. Not pictured here are two OTs from Sweden. Not sure what experience they have playing football but they have the size.

They definitely have some size, too.

Who is their best Crooter on staff? They seem like they know what they’re doing.

Why because theyre ratings are high?

Yea, for Temple.

I don’t see the point in starting a discussion on recruit rankings that are known to be inflated to make schools look good. Also, UH has thrived on getting recruits that have been looked down upon. A higher ranking =/= a better player.

Not sure if seriously picking a fight, joking, or trolling on this fine Monday morning. Highly rated recruits automatically equating to successful college athletes has never been my argument. Where are you getting that from? I’m suggesting that Temple, hasn’t done really well lately with their under the radar recruits,maybe them having higher rated recruits will translate to them having more success. So, the opposite.

Ok I see your speaking more about the coaching staff than the players. I assumed the discussion would eventually lead to everyone arguing over Temple having better recruits so we should fire CMA.

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Lol No. Not the goal. I think CMA will be successful here, and is one of the better coaches at evals, especially on defense (i.e Turner, Anenih, Stuard).


If that 6’5" Dual Threat QB actually has the wheels to be a legit dual threat, he could be something to see.

With the exception of the top guys I mentioned in this thread, everyone else is rejecting offers from FCS schools, MAC, CUSA. Sure there’s the occasional offer from a P5 school. So overall, if they sign everyone, I still think it is a still class of under the radar plays, at least from an FBS perspective.

Head Coach Geoff Collins wasn’t a slouch with recruiting while at Mississippi State and Florida and I imagine he put together a good staff. Temple’s also in a good position up there in the Northeast as there isn’t a whole lot of competition for recruits.

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