Temporary Seat Backs

Anyone know if they will be offering those temporary seat backs again this year? I didn’t get them last year but am considering them for this year.

Yes they will, we added them with our season tickets already. You may need to see if you missed that.

I recommend them, they work well, they are convenient and it gives some money to the program. The only issue is rain, they seem to puddle water in the base.

That problem with the rain should be easy to fix if you can get the interest of someone in the administration. One or two small holes drilled out with a hand drill is all it would take!

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I’m picturing one Coogfan I know putting holes in the seat with a Leatherman multitool.

Drain hole was there in mine – suspect it is in all of them – it’s small (1/4"?) so bring paper towels from rest room if it’s been wet.

I wouldn’t worry about the wetness, because as hot as it is going to be, it will be steam…unless of course, there is a tornado !!!

Then all bets are off !!

I just tried to add these to my seats and was told that they sold out of chairbacks for 2016.

Hmmmm. Why not add more?

That is weird, how do we run out of chairbacks?

They said since they were introduced that they have a limited amount.

You’d think they could order more at this point if there is demand.

Exactly. They should just order more.

No arguments from me.

I’m sure there is a minimal order amount to make it cost effective. There will be a learning curve to determine what the renewal rate is to determine how many they really need on hand.

I’m not sure what number they ordered, but it seems like they could order additional seats (in bulk) and offer them up as a last chance to those who didn’t get on board early. Maybe with higher pricing to reward those who got in early, I don’t know just an idea.
But if they failed to sell, they could always install them somewhere in the stadium for an “enhanced” ticket. Say buy enough for the front three rows of GA and provide a GA-Plus ticket…works for the airlines anyway. They could charge $10 over the regular GA price and then you basically get an assigned seat and a better view.

I am glad I got in when I did last season with the temp chairbacks. My back felt much better having that support. Last season UH said they were planning on having the boy scouts in selling the chairbacks this season, so maybe that will help those who can’t get chairbacks now.

I emailed yesterday and was told they did order more for this year but those had already sold out. But yea, they could get more and raise the price but who knows what the vendor’s requirements are and well, I might not want to pay more than the $50 per seat price they currently have.

Did they do this for 2017? I don’t remember getting an option this time around.

I think so. They should have a handful more available than last year since two sections got actual seats. Email the ticket office.

Yes, there was an option when purchasing season tickets for seat backs. However, they sold out of them early.