Ten Commandments in Louisiana Classrooms

Glad to see our neighbors to the east getting this much needed addition to school classrooms to get to the root of all that plagues public schools.

Now in the not so distant past, I’d have gone all in on the SC striking this down; but, with this court they may find a way to allow it.

The GOP-drafted legislation mandates that a poster-sized display of the Ten Commandments in “large, easily readable font” be required in all public classrooms, from kindergarten to state-funded universities.

Is thou shalt not commit adultery included? commit bear false witness? using God’s name in vain?

I guess it’s just a showpiece/guilt projection for kids. Nothing to do with that party’s leading figure they worship.


Yep they need put the Shariah Law along side of it don’t want to forget our other Abrahamic brothers Islam and Judaism, as well along with Buddhism , Mormonism, Santana Dharma (popularly known by its misnomer Hinduism,in the West) along Zoriastorism, Janism, Sihkism, Pantheism, and all the other ism’s.Don’t want anyone to feel left out.


Don’t forget your run of the mill, down home satanism!


Got to have the Hammurabi Code. The sad part is this type of attempt at injecting religion into education gets votes and donations, when anything that actually would make a difference doesn’t.

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They already tapped out, said this is for the ACLU and FFRF to handle.


I thought the 10 commandments were a Jewish thing.

Of course translation is everything.

Thou shall not kill was never a commandment. The Talmud tells us that the language is that Thou shall not murder.

The Ten Commandments derive from Hebrew tradition and the translation of murder is correct.

Yes, I went to Hebrew School to learn there’s actually 613 commandments.


Well I’m glad this pressing issue was resolved and Louisiana had nothing else to worry about


Oh wait no it’s a still the crappiest of crap holes run by sh** for brains

Of note

The Pelican State placed 50th in crime and corrections. It was 47th in education, 46th in health care and 49th in the natural environment. It was also 49th in the economy, 41st in fiscal stability, 49th in infrastructure and 44th in opportunity.


Yes, 613.

Let the folks from Louisiana put all them on a poster.

For the rest of you.

Hey man, 1st in ten commandment plaques in schools. Get real.

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The loss of religion means the loss of consequences.


They’re requiring the 10 commandments to be displayed, but aren’t paying for it. They’re relying on donations


Funny enough in Texas, you are allowed to hang a display of faith in your classroom, but not allowed to practice your faith (assuming on display or part of the curriculum). A teacher could hang a cross or possibly even hang a poster, assuming it wasn’t egregious

But dont tempt the state of texas, as theyll one up Louisiana and make theology and philosophy mandatory, which is actually a great idea imo

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Interesting, I’m sure that will come as a great shock to some people when a teacher hangs the Quran.

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So funny, i was literally having that exact same thought

That’s ridiculous. Consequences don’t go away for those who are not religious. In fact, you could almost argue that religious people have a loss of consequences (at least partial consequences), just looking at Gateway Church’s issues. They knew of the indiscretions and he faced no consequences for almost 40 years.

Even in a spiritual sense the consequences don’t go away because someone doesn’t believe in them, right? I mean that’s what I’ve been told by anyone who was trying to get me to come to Jesus.


My understanding is they didn’t know the details of what happened.