Any business that prefers plastic, with it’s fee to the establishment, to cash doesn’t seem fiscally sound to me. Let’s see would I like to get $100. for that sale or $97. after paying the credit card fee? I know what I would choose.

Sumlin to Tennessee!!

Tennessee has been raising the bar for dumpster fires for years now.

no coach in their right mind would want to go there.

Tennessee will have trouble finding a guy that’s not desperate.

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Just CA$$H Baby.

I would bet they interim Kevin Steele for a year. See how he does hire him if he over exceeds. Otherwise in a transitional year the job will be more attractive, they’ll have an AD for a real search, and the NCAA investigation will be less dramatic.


Tom Herman’s looking for work…

Some businesses are passing on the fee to the customer or saying u get a discount if u pay cash, has anyone else noticed this?

some businesses are using the fees as profit centers. Two gas stations near me are charging 20 cents per gallon to use plastic.

Good luck with that… LOL!

UCF’s AD Danny White to Tennessee. Huge loss for UCF and the AAC as a whole.


They gave him a McDonald’s franchise as part of the package


Why would they want UCF’s AD…? According to all pundits, AND SEC fans, the only reason UCF wins is because they play in the AAC… Not because of the football program this guy has helped build.

From now on recruit payments will be known as Happy Meals :hamburger::fries::dollar::dollar::dollar:

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Is there a more SEC type move than $$$ to a recruits mom in a Chick-Fil-A bag ?

“Pruitt admitted giving the mother several hundred dollars to NCAA investigators in March, with a caveat – it was inside a Chick-fil-A bag, not McDonald’s.”