Tesla to announce product enhancement on Oct 17

Tesla to add coin cup holder to the Model 3. The cup is small enough to hold the brains of the little 10 presidents. This should help with the concerns of the autopilot software. It is believed there will not be enough decision making functionality to assist in the Accident Avoidance Control box. When activated expect the following from the little 10:

  1. They will not be able to determine if the car is going forward or backward.
  2. They will not know the difference between a green light or red light.
  3. It is doubtful whether are not the left turn indicator will know what the right turn indicator is doing.
  4. Of the 12 software codes that were initially offered, they are not sure if 2 or 4 will be activated. All indications are that nothing will change.

Upon further review it may be the coin cup is too big.

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I was wondering where this was going before I clicked.