Texans are for Legalization


That may be public sentiment, but why do we elect politicians who support draconian drug laws?

Poll only people who actually voted this last election. That way we’d see if the gap between sentiment and the laws is a real thing, meaning people are voting for harsh laws while supporting a conflicting view.

For Pete’s sake, we elected Sid Miller and Ken Paxton, which is proof nobody is paying attention.


I don’t mind it in theory, but the smell can be too much for me. It’s all over the place where I live in CA. They have delivery services that “look” like tech companies. Given that it’s still fashionable, I pop on my mask if the smell gets out of control.

All said, I’d rather someone be on MJ than drunk. I’ve never heard of someone punching their spouse because they were on the MJ.


*Two thirds of Texans that participated in this specific poll.

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I thought we were try to stop smoking.

Agreed… I tell my Republican friends this all the time.

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Lots more options than just smoking nowadays. Edibles, vapes, tinctures…

Just gotta be careful with the edibles. Know your dose, because it takes a while to kick in, unlike smoking. Especially if you have anything to do over the next few hours.

I have a dose for “going out in public without being a total moron” and a dose for “I’m gonna be on the couch this evening.” :grin:


Yeah… When you metabolize it the thc becomes like 4x stronger than smoking…

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On Pattaya Beach some friends made mj jello. Me and my buddies scarfed it down. Of course, it was made from Thai stick.

The result? I passed out in a papasan chair for 16 hours. Almost 50 years ago

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