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So I used to work for Hunt Oil in Dallas, there were two sides of the H.L. Hunt family. The Chiefs owners and Ray Hunt were from the better half, the others with Hunt Petroleum were much different.

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Yes it seems to be the case.

Bum Hunt was a real piece of work, let me tell you. Racist to the core, and apparently, was (allegedly) behind the assassination of JFK.

Ironically, some of his kids and grandkids are quite liberal/progressive.

Actually, the Chicago Bears’ orange and navy colors are a direct ripoff from University of Illinois.

Similarly, the Bears “C” helmet logo was first used by the University of Chicago Maroons.

It is still worn by UChicago’s current Division III football team.

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Thanks UHLaw!

Kind of like how Iowa’s unis are a direct ripoff of the Pittsburgh Steelers, and UGA’s unis are a ripoff of Green Bay’s.

Andre Johnson abt to be officially announced into NFL HOF. Congrats to the former great Texans WR. #ClassAct


That was terrific news when it came down. I figured he’d have to wait another year. He was about as good as I’ve seen at coming away with contested passes. And a good man off the field as well.

And then there was this…


That punch probably cost him John McClain’s vote :rofl: :joy:

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