Texans Football

Not sure if you all are watching the Texans-Jags game, but my god CJ Stroud is awesome.

We so lucked out getting him and not Bryce Young.

Thank you Lovie Smith!! :joy: :rofl:

P.S. Tank Dell is also awesome. Go Coogs! He and Stroud have formed a connection.


Good move on the new thread. Too many others to try to keep track of


Stroud is looking good.

I initially thought selecting him at #2 was a reach but after 3 games…i am impressed!


The Texans are worth watching.


Indy just tied Baltimore 19-19. If they lose there will be a 4-way tie in the AFC South!


On just 7 targets.

Way 2 NOT show up Jags the game after this.


CJ looked great today! He was the guy I wanted them to draft anyway. Not bad for third game in NFL.

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He will win a Super Bowl with the Texans.

CJ is a film room junkie.


Stroud’s perfomance is exactly why you take those pre-draft predictive tests with a grain of salt.

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Imagine when his starters at the OL return on Game 5. I think worst case hes a really good game manager!!!

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Yeah I was thinking about that as I saw the stadium. Was really empty.

Personally Jacksonville is not a major league town and should not have a team.

Don’t be surprised if Jacksonville moves to Chicago and becomes the second team in the city. Especially with the Bears threatening to move to the burbs.

Chicago Metro has almost 10M so it can handle it.

Also, I believe the owner is an UIllinois alum.

Yeah whenever someone brings the Wunderlich test up I remind them hat Colin Kaepernick got a 36 and Peyton Manning got a 23.

It’s not true, they just built a multi million dollar practice facility

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Dummy me kept Dell in the bench in favor of some dumb RB who scored 3 points

They are wanting to do upgrades to the current stadium with more shade. The new practice facility has nice shade and amenities and it was sold out for open public practices

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Nick Caserio’s 2022 Texans draft is looking worse every week. The current status of Texans top 4 picks

Rd 1 - Derek Stingley Jr. - IR - Out at least 4 games
Rd 1 - Kenyon Green - IR - Out for Season
Rd 2 - Jalen Pitre - Injured and inactive this week
Rd 3 - John Metchie III - Missed all of 2022 due to leukemia diagnosis and treatment; also recovering from ACL injury

Jaguars CEO Mark Lamping was misquoted?
Hard to read anything else into those quotes but free stadium $ or gone.
A billion worth of more shade.

Believe Jags paid @ 40% of the $120 million cost of new practice complex.

Jags owner worth $10-$12 billion and owns Wembley stadium.
New facility sunken cost 2 Jags is barely a thought vs the profit of a London NFL team.

Dont Jags w 2 London games next. Atl & Bills.
1/4 of home games already in UK.

He backtracked his words on Friday. The city won’t put up the money unless it’s voted on. Owner Shad has already put up a billion of his own money.
Yes, they play two games in London.


Holy cr*p Dolphins scored 70 against the Broncos!

What they heck happened to the Broncos D?

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I like three of those players to have really good careers. We will see on Green next season.