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Thanks for the details. In this case the Texans actually got a pretty darn deal! I can go for that!

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The more I look at this the better it seems to get. Texans swap their 2025 second round pick for the Bills 2025 5th round pick and the Texans get Diggs and a 2024 6th for free.

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I don’t think Case’s arm is what’s valuable here. He’s already proven to be indispensable as a mentor and coach in the Texans locker room. Ultimately I think that’s why he’s there, for his leadership and Diggs will be an asset to the team because of it.


I can go w that. But Chris was talking abt the 2 connecting on the field… uhh no, Texans have a much better option as QB.
Case has had longer career in NFL than most brilliant minds expected , so whatever is the most positive way for him to go out is great.




Yeah I think Case’s role at this stage of his career is very specific.

I think he’s just happy to stay home and have stability whilst being on a team that appreciates what he brings

His days of being traded every year in an inconsistent role should be over by now, and I think DaMeco is happy with Case where he’s at

It may be a coincidence but the Texans brought in a former scout who was Director of Pro Personnel for the Vikings as Asst Director of Player Personnel. Well respected guy who started as an intern with the Texans. Only major change to scouting lately.

Between Stroud and Ryans, I think they will be able to keep Diggs focused and not a distraction.

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Yeah, I was thinking the same thing, especially since Diggs is a proven commodity and you never know what you’re gonna get from the draft. I tell you what though, this is the year to draft a receiver! Plenty of good ones to choose from! Imagine if we get Brian Thomas from LSU! We would probably have the best red zone offense in the NFL!

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Yes, the wide receivers class in this draft are pretty deep. The offense is shaping up to be pretty nice. I just hope that we have a good O-line.


A Grind to get to this point.

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This gives Diggs every opportunity to get back to its top form and then sign a last blockbuster contract after this season.
Case and Diggs connection was special. I have not seen the same “Diggs connection” since both left the Vikings.

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@ 12:50 mark

I’m surprised Davis Mills is still on the roster. Texans should move Mills and get a QB in a late round or FA QB for insurance.

Mills is a third round pick on the last year of his rookie deal. He’s the best insurance policy they’re gonna have this year. As much as he sucks, it’s not like they have many options that will be immediately better.

Texans terminate the last two years of Diggs’ deal and move the $3.5mm guaranteed money from 2025 to this season making him a FA at the end of this year. That means Diggs is betting on himself to perform and get a bigger deal next season.

Win-Win for all parties involved.


He’s on a one year I believe, so he shouldn’t be chest thumping if he wants an extension. Worst case scenario his spot is wasted and is cut. Think Nick still needs to draft an additional WR to push Hutchinson. When Tank went down he was ineffective.

Wouldn’t we want him for more than just this season though?

The lesser of two evils would be cutting late round pick Xavier Hutchinson.

3rd Round: QB Davis Mills (Stanford)
Grade: D+/C-

Nico Collins the only keeper.

No. Diggs is on the wrong side of 30 and has two declining seasons in production. That could be on JA and/or a lack of a running game. I like this deal because the incentive for Diggs to ball out this year so he can get a better 2-year deal in 2025/26.