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A few years ago I went to the JJ Watt softball game in Sugar Land. Honestly, it was my wife who wanted to go. Shiloh Keo beat JJ in the HR Derby prior to the game.

Months later I was at the draft party for the Texans where my buddy Bruce & I had seats at the bar when these 2 young football player types came up with an unsure look on their faces. I asked them who they were and one was Shiloh Keo. They were there to sign autographs and the event below us. I got them each a beer and asked Keo “So what’s it like being out on that field and 8,000 women are screaming for JJ?” He said “That’s every Sunday during the season”.

Thank you.

I don’t think a lot of people realized how good he was in his last year, especially since the Texans had been a dumpster fire prior to the arrival of Coach Ryans and CJ.

I don’t know how many of you know this guy but he can be sneaky good for the Texans.

He was good at Notre Dame….I think they are going to be creative in how they use him….possibly even convert to TE or FB.

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so…the Texans acquire Skorownek and their pick improves if they’re better than the Rams in '25? Weird deal.

Slowly picking up Domers. 2 Olinemen and now a WR


All these big games. Tank has a chance to get a huge following.
At Cowboys on Nov 18th going to be an event.

T4.Houston Texans


Texans play Green Bay on Oct 20, Indianapolis on 10/27, and the NY Jets on 10/31. That’s a lot of games in 11 days. I just hope it doesn’t end up causing a lot of injuries due to playing such hard games so close together. That just seems to much with so little time time to recuperate between games, especially between the Colts and Jets.

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Whether the games are hard or easy, doesn’t matter. That’s a lot of football in a short amount of time. If the NFL truly cared about player safety, they wouldn’t schedule this way. I think if you have a Thursday game, you should have a bye week the week before.


JJ Watt tweeted what players look at when the NFL schedule is released. You probably know what they focus on, but here it is from the future Hall of Famer: