Texas A&M football faces NCAA scrutiny from ex-Aggie’s bid for eligibility at Arizona

On two separate weekends this spring, Marchiol told USA TODAY Sports, he was given hundreds of dollars in cash by linebackers coach Bradley Dale Peveto to entertain prospects on unofficial visits. Those recruiting visits occurred, he said, following the April 14 spring game with Zach Edwards, a three-star linebacker from Starkville, Mississippi, and the second weekend in June with four-star linebacker Christian Harris (now a Texas A&M verbal commitment) and Nakobe Dean from Horn Lake, Mississippi, ranked as the No. 1 inside linebacker in the country by Rivals.com.

Wait a second? They close their deals with recruits at Razzoo’s?

This is going to be interesting because as the article points out: the rule change was in response to Ole Miss but, in that case, the sanctions had already been handed down to Ole Miss. Now, he is using it to enlighten the NCAA to potential wrongdoing and is getting some recruits caught up in the net as well. Never thought the $75M would bring them NCAA trouble. Maybe upset Aggie boosters to dig up some dirt on UT and keep this amazing offseason going for the NCAA.

Edit: Wow, this last statement might open a floodgate of songbirds wanting to transfer. I wonder how many coaches are sweating a little bit now because a player could allege almost anything and get the NCAA poking around your program:

“When the stakes are this high, nobody should expect the student-athlete’s advocate to be pulling punches,” Mars said. “After all, what choice do you have when the transfer rules invite the disclosure of misconduct at the student-athlete’s former school as grounds for a waiver?"

This reminds me of my favorite scene from the Jim Carrey classic, Liar Liar:

The official motto of the SEC is “If you ani’t cheaten, you ani’t tryen”. I believe Jimbo brought this to A&M from Florida but I do find it interesting that he is following Sumlin to Arizona.

I would hope there are a few gaggies sweating in their panties. They do have enough money to buy their way out though.

Won’t say where I read this but, since the “NCAA reports to the SEC”, there may not be any action.

That has been a$m’s motto as long as I can recall…throw in smu and baylor !!

Burn Rome, burn! More of this everywhere. The system stinks for us so it needs to change. The sooner the better.

What a 2 Faced Ahole. Took the handouts & then when he wants to transfer throws everybody under the bus.

I smell whorn involvement.

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2 things: 1. Fisher was at Fl ST which is not SEC
2. Former A&M player making accusations is from Denver CO. So transferring to AZ actually works well for him , esp being former Coach who recruited him is there.

The NCAA opened up a can of worms with the Ole Miss transfer waivers. Players now feel empowered to speak out to get rid of that transfer year. Now will the NCAA have the guts to follow through on these allegations or just give the kids their waiver, slap a program on the wrist and move on? We know the answer. They are on borrowed time though. Some day it will all come crashing down.


Please O Please let the NCAA make an example of ATM. Inwant to see them choke on their honor code hypocrisy and get sanctioned. Freaking derp derp cheating lying hillbillies.


wow, that’s some detailed allegations


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That’s the key detail. He redshirted last year and wasn’t even listed on their Spring depth chart. He’s trying to exploit a new NCAA rule so that he can be immediately eligible to play.

atm Scrutiny?..


Interesting development: Santino Marchiol was kicked off the team by Kevin Sumlin this morning.


Some things never change.

“I know from my brother they keep your pockets full, give you plenty of money…”

Truth comes out. The guy is a genuine piece of crap. Everyone going all in on everything he says like it’s gospel and all he was doing was manipulating the new rules.