Texas and Smart thermostats


This article might explain why I’ve noticed strange things happening to my thermostat on the weekends, when most people are at home.

I don’t have the same issues during the week, even when it is triple digits outside.

That article is a year old but it can happen. I think you have to opt into something before it can happen though.

Thats why I will never get anything that lets someone else control my home.

Yes, my understanding you have to opt in to the program. The article makes it sound
like it’s happening to others as well. Which I highly doubt.

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Yeah…this is madness. But, I will say maybe avoid the big companies like google for your home stuff. I went with Honeywell Wifi thermostats in my home, and have been super happy so far. I get notifications when the kids change the settings during the day.

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Got a Honeywell wifi one too. Love being able to adjust the temp without getting off the couch or even having to be home. Totally strokes my inner lazy ass just right.


It’s really hot but not hot enough to get off the couch. Wait, I can do it from my phone, how did I live without this?!?!

And, yes, I have a smart thermostat too. Lol


Mine actually isn’t smart in the sense that it does not “learn” anything. I basically got it because you can configure the schedule for both of them (upstairs and down) with a web browser, and that is awesome.

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