Texas Appreciation Thread

IF it wasn’t for Texas being an incredible pain, they never would have ran off Colorado and Nebraska.

IF it wasn’t for the greed of Texas they would have let go of the Longhorn network and allowed the Tex-ohoma pod to move to the PAC.

IF it wasn’t for the constant narcissistic behaviors of Texas they wouldn’t have created a situation where Texas A&M had no choice but to leave their abusive long term in-state rival bringing Mizzou with them.

IF it wasn’t for Texas supreme bravado and control over its other members, not named Oklahoma, they wouldn’t have held a fake expansion campaign in hopes of getting A) a better TV deal and B) a new campus in Houston. They fell short of one of their goals there.

IF it wasn’t for Texas jealousy they wouldn’t have beyrayed their own conference mates by secretly brokering a deal to join the same conference as their little brother…taking Oklahoma in the process and putting the 8 in a state of panic.

Without these moves, Houston would never have found themselves in a P5 conference with access to better recruits and more money.

So…when UT struggles to adjust to an SEC schedule and realizes they can’t bully THIS conference, raise your glass and thank Texas for being…well, Texas.


I’m not thanking Texas for sh*t.


Obviously you don’t get sarcasm…ha


Lol, neah, I gotcha. I just wanted to make a hot take.

But really though, F Texas.

Go Coogs!


Tuck Fexas

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Here here! So well said.

Manny and UH1927,

You’re both right.


I wish that the grandmother of every UT fan or student in the history of the world had practiced birth control.


Holy shizzle Larry! Put down the PBR.

Great take. Thanks 27.

It’s a dog eat dog world. I wish we were in the same position to be hated but envied at the same time.
The rich get richer

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You live in Texas

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We wouldnt be in the Big 12 except for them and how they are…God bless em…They are fixin to find out how life is in the SEC, and they wont like it…

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Indeed! Just take a look at what Arkansas used to be in the SWC; compare that to what they have become in SEC. And atm, now the whorns; same thing will happen to all of them.

Couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch!

Then I wouldn’t be here. I’m a cougar but my Dad was a longhorn.