Texas has growing number of players, teams and stadiums but not officials

May be an option if you’re looking as a way to supplement your income. I’m thinking about it once I’m healthy and my son may do it too.

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The Houston area chapter is known as one of the state’s best. The group proved it by being asked to officiate more than 150 playoff games last season - more than the Dallas/Fort Worth and Austin/San Antonio chapters.

Houston’s chapter would like to keep that going.

But it needs new officials.

The target this summer is 200, Atkinson said. The group could use more but could live with that. It would help with the increasing number of schools and the number of retiring officials.

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My son started reffing about three years ago. Football is his main focus, but also does softball is well. It looks like he will pick up an extra five grand this year doing something he loves. It does take a lot of work however to make that amount of extra money. When you throw in the cost of equipment that you need to purchase, you need to make sure you want to do this for a while.

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