Texas schedules Sam Houston in 2025

I guess they will play other state schools!

Sam Houston to play in Austin, 2025


They will as long as they know that team has no chance to beat them like Rice, UTSA, Sam, UTEP you know the drill.


Why do we care?


They will but only if the refs failed their annual eye exams

Might be a troll account trying to stir it up.

Because it would be a fun game to get back to in-state rivalries.

We’re the University of Houston. Not Sam Houston. Not everything Texas does (or doesn’t do) warrants a thread on this board. Y’all got to get a grip.


Read my message history, I am no troll. I just posted it because of the hypocrisy of it!

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Get over yourself. There are other opinions out there. It’s a friggin message board.

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Ok?? You feel better now? Sorry to interrupt your obsession and drooling over UT. My bad…

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I mean they would probably play us if we would agree to a one off at their place like this

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Not really. Still feel sorry for you and your inability to see the big picture. Playing Texas…

Gets press
Sells tickets
Attracts casual fans
gets tv time
Fuels donations and nil

Awareness of how cs Texas can be will only help us as we make our mark going forward.

Texas wants to recruit that fertile recruiting ground of Huntsville, Texas, if you know what I mean.

Sam is playing in Austin. If UH is willing to only do that, I’m confident UT will pick up the phone.

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IMHO, it’s 60-40 UTurds would turn down a one game in Austin offer from us . . . . .

This is a 4-star post. I also hate Sam Houston.


People on this board and their obsession with Texas…


If ut farts in a direction we might not get a sniff someone will make a thread about it here.

So would anyone on this board be all in for going to Austin to play them? No thanks and frankly I don’t care who they play.
Regardless they will have over 100k fans for Sam

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