Texas Tech Takeaways

BTW Tech takeaways is either a very funny or very cruel topic name when you have 5 turnovers


I tried really hard to have 5 of them.

No question that Major got out coached vs TxTech. The offense is disaster and defense gave up 3 big plays because the DC did not have his guys ready along with so many missed tackles. But give Tech credit thier recievers put some moves on. Leday should not be asked to run the RPA wide receiver screen. King is our best weapon. Catalon has done ok but where is Capt. Birden? Snaps on the ground and poor blocking. The one handed catch is not a high percentage play. Allen has an arm but he does not see the field, lacks poise, and has been careless with the ball. He seems to have regressed looking at tape of his games at A&M. Does he have leadership skills? Postma should definitely get the start vs Temple but we may need to see what King can do as well. Great comeback by Postma but very difficult to recover from 5 turnovers.

The next time ESPN/ABC tells us to play at 11am in September i would tell them to go to hell.

Our guards got used today. Our center had double digit low snaps one of which resulted on a turnover. This improvement in oline play I don’t see it.

As I sat in Arizona’s stadium I thought “it’s gonna be a long season”. Nothing today convinced me otherwise.

Well I then hope you’re okay with playing in the Southland after the next round of realignment because that’s how that’ll end.

I’m sure our administration can be more tactful than that. It’s a safety issue. We have no retractable roof.