Texas Tech Takeaways

  1. D’Onofrio called a really, really good game. Holding Tech to 27 points is impressive, even when you consider that their offense left 10 points on the board with drops and missed Field Goals. The defense as a whole needs to play with more discipline, though – missed tackles, bad angles, and overpursuit killed us on that side of the ball.

  2. Our passing game is a non-threat, and I don’t see a QB on our roster that’s going to change that. I don’t trust Postma to make his progressions – I think the real Postma is much closer to the one we saw against UConn and Lamar and Rice than the one we saw against Memphis and today against Tech – and Allen has shown a tendency to try to force too many throws.

  3. The RPO play needs to go. Period. End of discussion. I know it’s the new hotness in college football or whatever because Dana made it work for a while, but seemingly every defense has figured out that if they take away the pass option, the run is non-viable.

  4. King played exceptionally well. He was our best RB, and maybe our best receiver, too. I’m not sure there’s anything he can’t do, and I look forward to seeing more of him wherever he winds up on the field.

  5. Tech is one of our best opponents this year. I don’t think it’s reasonable to jump on the “this team is awful and Applewhite needs to go” narrative quite yet. I have seen enough to know that some of our positions should see some turnover, though – something is very wrong at the WR and RB positions, and those position coaches should likely be looking for work in the offseason.

  6. The offensive line is dramatically improved this year. Credit to the offensive staff on that one.


Agreed that passing game is a non threat, but our run offense which is supposed to be the identity of this team is worse. 110 yards rushing with Postma having 52 of that at the end of the game. The rest of the offense had 58 yards rushing

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I’m not sure the running game is worse, but it’s certainly not great. Like I said, King looked like our best RB today – Catalon has shown a near-complete lack of vision the last two seasons. If his hole isn’t exactly where it’s supposed to be, he typically runs right up the OL’s butt. That may also have something to do with the limitations the RPO imposes on the handoff, though.

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Run blocking isn’t good. Too many assignment mistakes or not being in the correct position. This line is very good at pass protection and very poor at run blocking. I wouldn’t put the blame on the RBs for that reason.

We did already fire the WR coach at the end of spring so I’m not sure they’d fire Guiton so soon. WR do have problems with blocking and running routes. Sad with the talent in place.

Not doubting you, but can you get some gifs of this happening when you do your rewatch? I didn’t see it happening, but I’m not too great at watching the OL play, so it’s totally possible that I missed it.

I’ll see what I can do

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King seems to be our only playmaker on offense.

I was disappointed that Tech was breaking tackles on the reg, and it didn’t seem we could break any.

I hope we never play another 11:00 a.m. game in 90 plus degree weather. It’s not healthy to watch or play in those conditions. I will not attend any of these moving forward.


Slowest WR group since 2001.

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Agree with Qwan about the 11am crap. #middlefinger

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The offensive coordinator needs to be demoted and let’s try someone else.

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He’s running the same offense we’ve run the last 2 years. Just no Greg Ward to hide the deficiencies


Is that really a defense, though?

Definitely not. You know I hate this offense especially with our player skill set. But if you want to blame the OC for this offense then you shouldn’t have hired this head coach because this was his same offense

Offensive play calling as well as the plays we have scripted…SUCK !!

The common thing is CMA.

He and Johnson better figure it out.

Ward bailed them out last year, but it appears Allen will not run or is being told not to run !! You tell me.

Coaching is supposed to take over after halftime. The offense had produced 7 points after halftime this year and that was because of Postma runs and Tech in a prevent defense !!


You’re on point with Catalon’s lack of vision. He’s been a huge disappointment. The running game has to take some of the pressure off the QB in the future.


It is what it is. Coach Tom Herman is gone and the winning culture, the toughness and the fortitude is gone with him.
We are back to Levine lite years. With a team which is woefully prepared offensive wise , indisciplined and a scared backfield.

It’s not any players fault. It’s coaching through and through.Coach Herman showed that winning is coachable, and its starts with a culture of toughness.

This team does not have it

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Chill. Stuff happens. Oklahoma State lost to TCU today. That “winning culture” Tom Herman installed gave up 51 points in a loss to Maryland.


And last time I checked, UCF was beating Maryland 38-10. Nothing wrong with the winning culture IMHO. 95% of the problems are on the offensive side of the ball. Allen is not a good fit for the offense. You’ve got to roll with Postma and King at this point. Work out the kinks versus Temple and be ready to take down SMU at home the next week.

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This team also doesn’t have Greg Ward who was Herman’s offense


Yeah, I gave up on them this game when we had noone down field on 3-16… Allen had no receiver to throw to for a first down, I get having a guy underneath, but not all of them.