Texas Tech video review

GIFs took up too many resources and were going to make this thread unreadable. I’m just going to post the full video and put links to times that pertain to things I’m noticing down below

Edit: New video link since the other video got taken down


1 on 1 coverage on the two WRs to the right on that pick. Just a terrible decision to throw it there.

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Great job on the gif-making, pray, but you may want to keep them hosted somewhere else (like in a Zip file or an Imgur album or something) so that it’s, like, possible to open this thread without 83 GB of RAM. A full gif play-by-play of the game is going to consume a TON of resources.

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Defenders were playing what looks like (I don’t know what the off-screen guy was doing) a 2-deep zone. Nobody was open, and Allen was under pressure. He should have taken a sack or thrown it away, but that play looks to me like bad play design.

There are no off screen guys, check it out again. 3 man rush, 2 guys go to play man on Corbin and Birden on the right, 6 end up covering the TE and 2 receivers to the left. There is no help over the top on the right. Worst case scenario should have been a deep shot to Corbin with 1 on 1 coverage.

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Yep, realized that. I’ll see what I can do

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You’re correct.

Furthermore I think it is disturbing that we can’t stop a three man rush. I guess I am in the minority but everyone says our O-Line has improved but I just don’t see it. More often than not it appears we are losing the battle in the trenches whether we are running or pass blocking. I don’t have the stats to support that, just saying from observation.

I’ll post the full video down here again since I edited the initial post, but there have been replies:

Notable plays - click on times to be taken to the video

  • 1st Interception: 1:58
    3 man rush from Tech, Allen hesitates a little too long to try and fit it into Bonner and is picked off by the spy

  • From Tech’s first drive, 3rd and 7 at UH 17, pass complete to right for 2 yards: 6:55
    Oliver basically blows up this play by himself as he almost shoves the center into Shimonek. Winchester misses a tackle by going for a big hit on Coutee instead of wrapping up.

  • From UH’s 2nd drive, 1st and 10 at UH 25, pass complete to Dunbar for 17 yards: 9:17
    This little stop pattern to Dunbar was wide open and Allen hit him perfectly

  • Same drive, 1st and 10 at UH 42, pass complete to Catalon for 2 yards: 9:38
    Bad blocking by Bonner on this screen to Catalon as he let’s his guy go right by him. Catalon makes a couple of guys miss and somehow gets 2 yards.

  • Same drive, 2nd and 8 from UH 44, pass incomplete to Dunbar: 10:09
    Either Allen throws wide or Dunbar doesn’t get to the spot fast enough (CB falling down did impede Dunbar a bit).

  • Same Drive, 3rd and 8 from UH 44, pass incomplete to Leday: 10:46
    This one is on the line. Tech rushes 4 and it looks like Rodgers lets a guy come off the edge unchecked to double team the inside guy with Oliver. Oliver then disengages to help Noble, but Rodgers doesn’t have the guy and both defenders meet at Allen’s midsection before Allen can finish the throw. Right read by Allen as Leday was open down the sideline, but he couldn’t get enough on it to get it to him accurately.

  • 2nd Tech Drive, 1st and 10 from UH 43, Handoff for a loss of 5 yards: 13:22
    There’s one guy you got to block and that’s Big Ed. His speed always amazes me for a guy his size

  • Same Drive, 2nd and 15 from UH 43, Pass incomplete over the middle: 14:06
    Coogs get lucky as the receiver can’t come up with a low throw by Shimonek. Adams shouldn’t be asked to cover Coutee

  • Same Drive, 3rd and 15 from UH 43, Pass incomplete to left: 14:41
    Coogs get lucky twice in a row as the ball hits the receiver in the hands and he doesn’t catch it. K.Williams was giving up way too much space even though he has safety help and this should have been a Tech 1st down.

  • UH 3rd drive, 1st and 10 from UH 23, handoff Catalon for 2 yards: 15:35
    Run is between B.Jones and Noble, but B.Jones gets pushed into the hole and Oliver can’t keep his guy blocked once Noble releases.

  • Same drive, 2nd and 8 from UH 25, handoff King for 4 yard loss: 16:03
    Low snap throws off the timing just a bit, both guards and Rodgers release, Noble left to block two guys, but gets knocked down by the first leaving the second a free shot on King.

  • Same drive, 3rd and 12 from UH 21, False Start on B.Jones: 16:42
    B.Jones moves early

  • Same drive, 3rd and 17 from UH 16, Pass to the middle incomplete to Bonner: 17:24
    This is on Allen. Good protection and Bonner is wide open over the middle. Allen throws high and behind and Bonner still almost comes up with a circus catch that would have been a first down. Tuberville notes that Allen is throwing off his back foot. Bad thing, if he hits Bonner in stride, the safety on the backside is out of position and Bonner only has one guy in front of him.

  • Tech 3rd drive, 3rd and 15 at Tech 33, Pass complete for 6 yards, Roughing the passer on Houston: 22:12
    Godfrey comes in unblocked, but his helmet hits Shimonek’s helmet which is a no-no. Really strange play by Godfrey as he literally just runs into Shimonek with his helmet first (doesn’t lower it which is why it wasn’t targetting) instead of getting his hands up and pushing him down.

  • Same Drive, 1st and 14 at UH 30, Pass incomplete to endzone: 29:11
    Should have been a Tech TD, but the receiver drops it. Johnson bites on the stop and go route and Davis isn’t close to being there

  • UH 4th drive, 1st and 10 at UH 25, Handoff Birden for 6 yard gain: 33:13
    Blocking is solid and Birden’s able to run through a big hole on the right side

  • Same drive, 2nd and 4 at UH 31, Pass complete to Bonner over middle for 11 yards: 33:46
    Good protection, Allen throws as soon as Bonner comes out of his break. Ball a little behind, but right in Bonner’s stomach for the 1st down.

  • Same drive, 1st and 10 at UH 42, Allen escapes pressure and has to throw it away (defender blocks it): 34:06
    Only a 3 man rush, J.Jones gets beaten badly, but Allen is able to escape before trying to throw it and getting blocked. This was one of those plays where you (or J.Jones) miss Greg Ward as Ward probably makes some yardage on the scramble.

  • Same drive, 3rd and 6 at UH 46, Pass to the left for Birden is incomplete: 35:22
    Throw is a bit in front and high for Birden, but Birden probably should catch this one. Not sure if they get the first down even if he catches it as Birden is stumbling after the ball hits his fingers due to the pass placement.

End of the 1st quarter


  • Tech should have been up by 10 if not more as the Coogs caught some breaks on defense
  • Ed Oliver is a beast (duh)
  • Coogs threw the ball 11 times and only ran the ball 4 times (2 Birden, 1 Catalon, 1 King). 2 of the passes were shovel passes to Leday and one was a screen to Catalon; everything else was intended to go down field.
  • The pick was Allen’s fault, and the hit on 3rd down on the next drive seemed to cause him to get scared of being hit again which affected his accuracy after that.
  • Other than the interception, the receivers were getting open.
  • Offensive Line stats: 1 False Start, 2 Low Snaps, 2 plays w/ poor run blocking (out of 4), 2 QB hits allowed
  • Missed WR blocks: 1
  • Missed tackles: 1

Here’s the video again:

2nd Quarter

  • Tech’s 1st drive of the quarter, 1st and 10 from Tech 33, pass intercepted by I.Johnson - overturned: 38:22
    So close to a pick on this one. Johnson’s speed helps him recover quickly and almost get the ball.

  • Same drive, 2nd and 10 from Tech 33, pass complete to Coutee for 10 yards: 40:51
    Defense does a good job of getting pressure, but Shimonek is able to roll out and find Coutee. Not sure why we kept trying to cover Coutee with Adams.

  • Same drive, 2nd and 2 from UH 49, Handoff up the middle for 4 yards: 42:12
    Thurman goes unblocked and has a chance at the big RB, but basically falls down instead of wrapping up

  • Same drive, 1st and 10 from UH 45, pass over the middle for 28 yards: 42:43
    Big Ed is out for a breather and this was ugly, Davis has the receiver at the LOS, but doesn’t wrap up. Winchester chases, but slides short to avoid being hit by Adams Adams misses the tackle. Egbule leads with his head and is knocked out and misses a tackle. I.Johnson finally rides him out of bounds 28 yards later.

  • Same drive, 2nd and 5 from UH 12, screen to the left for 9 yards: 44:35
    Turner and Hines both miss tackles and I.Johnson just hangs on to prevent the score

  • Same drive, 1st and 10 from UH 3, handoff up the middle for TD: 45:36
    Nisby gets the handoff and runs straight into a lineman that Oliver has pushed back a couple of yards. If Egbule had committed immediately, he could have stopped him then. Instead, he hesitates (guessing he didn’t really want to hit the big RB after getting his bell rung earlier on the drive) and ends up getting carried into the endzone. Awful series of missed tackles by the defense.

  • Kickoff, returned for 47 yards: 47:01
    Whoever is running the kickoff return and coverage teams needs a raise. Bassity sent something out yesterday saying that the Coogs were among the top 5 in both categories. Also, when people say we don’t have speed at WR, we do in Leday.

  • UH’s 1st drive of the 2nd quarter, 1st and 10 from UH 47, handoff to Car for 1 yard: 48:25
    Interesting that Car gets a shot at this point. There’s a hole that develops, but Oliver can’t get the block on the 2nd level and the hole closes quickly.

  • Same drive, 2nd and 9 from UH 48, shovel pass to King for 8 yards: 48:55
    3rd time they’ve tried this play, this time with King, 3rd time it’s worked for good yardage. Car makes a nice block downfield to spring King

  • Same drive, 3rd and 1 from Tech 44, handoff Catalon off RT for 14 yards: 49:22
    Coogs again run outside and Catalon follows a pulling B.Jones and gets big yards. Watch this play if you question Catalon’s speed and what he can do when he gets blocking

  • Same drive, 1st and 10 from Tech 30, shovel pass to King for 3 yards: 49:44
    Why stop when it’s been working. B.Jones doesn’t block anyone on this play. Guy he should have blocked forces King too far to the outside instead of being able to hit a hole. King has some good strength to get 3 yards, but gets his helmet knocked off at the end.

  • Same drive, 2nd and 7 from Tech 33, Bubble screen to the right to Leday for 5 yards: 50:21
    Bonner doesn’t miss his block, but he doesn’t maintain it forcing Leday to the sideline.

  • Same drive, 3rd and 2 from Tech 28, Handoff Birden for 15 yards, Penalty - Illegal Formation: 50:56
    My guess is that Bonner was supposed to be lined up on the line considering that Leslie is pulling to block for Birden and Leday is in motion behind Allen. It’s possible that Leday wasn’t supposed to be in motion and was supposed to be on the other side of the field, but Allen saw him and didn’t wait for him to get set if that’s the case.

  • Same drive, 3rd and 7 from Tech 33, Pass incomplete to the Left for Dunbar: 51:46
    Allen has Dunbar down the sideline, but throws off his back foot again and throws it short. Dunbar almost makes an acrobatic catch, but the defender does a good job getting his hand between Dunbar and the ball. If Allen leads Dunbar, Coogs are probably around the 5 or it’s a TD.

  • Kickoff, out of bounds: 54:19
    Novikoff must have kicked off the side or something as this was awful. You can see him put his head down immediately. Luckily, it didn’t come back to bite them.

  • Tech’s 2nd drive, 1st and 10 from Tech 35, Pass incomplete to the right: 55:22
    Man, Payton Turner, for a true frosh, is impressive. He just blows through the guard on this play to get a hit on Shimonek as he’s throwing. He’s been getting some good pressure since he’s been in and this play was without Big Ed in there. Kid may be starting before the end of the year.

  • Same drive, 2nd and 10 from Tech 35, Pass incomplete to the left: 56:04
    Another true frosh, DJ Small, is in at CB (looks like he was the 3rd CB this game with Myres and one of the Smith’s out) and he and Turner get some pressure on Shimonek to make him throw it away.

  • Same drive, 3rd and 10 from Tech 35, Pass incomplete to the left: 56:48
    Another amazing Ed Oliver moment as he’s the only down lineman, yet somehow gets pressure on Shimonek with a nifty spin move that leaves the RT standing there like he’s in cement. Just awesome. Impressive defense on this drive, especially after the last one.

  • UH’s 2nd drive of the quarter, 1st and 10 from UH 32, handoff Catalon for 7 yards: 58:26
    Line blocks right and Catalon curves to the left for a big gain as he breaks through a couple of tackles beyond the LOS. Coogs get a bad spot as his knee hits at the 39, but the ball is at the 40. Refs spot it at the 39.

  • Same drive, 2nd and 3 from UH 39, handoff Catalon for 2 yards: 58:48
    Play is designed to go off LT, but J.Jones gets ragdolled at the line. That yard that the refs didn’t give them on the last play comes back to haunt the Coogs as this would have been a 1st down with it.

  • Same drive, 3rd and 1 from UH 41, handoff Catalon for 3 yards: 59:15
    Catalon hits the hole hard and fast and the line gets some push forward for a 3 yard gain. J.Jones is having problems as he almost gets shoved back into Catalon behind the line.

  • Same drive, 1st and 10 from UH 38, pass to Dunbar over the middle incomplete, Penatly: Holding on Tech: 59:48
    Allen hangs in there and delivers a strike, but Dunbar is held from behind. Smart play by the defender as Dunbar had room to run. Problem is that Allen takes a huge hit after the throw as Leslie doesn’t pick up a rusher.

  • Same drive, 1st and 10 from Tech 46, handoff to King for 2 yards: 1:00:34
    Low snap, causes King to hesitate slightly, Noble and Oliver get shoved way back on their blocks which extends King out towards the sideline further and allows defenders to fill the hole.

  • Same drive, 2nd and 8 from Tech 44, swing pass to the left for King for no gain: 1:01:00
    Another low snap that again causes King to hesitate. King can’t make the safety miss as he just gets tripped up. Corbin did a poor job of blocking his guy as King would have had to avoid his guy next

  • Same drive, 3rd and 8 from Tech 44, Allen fumbles: 1:02:49
    Tech rushes two. J.Jones gets beat badly and allows his guy to get Allen from behind. Kudos to Allen after the fumble as he gets up and sprints full speed at the runner which draws an illegal block in the back penalty and then chases down the runner again and makes the tackle at the 5.

  • Tech’s 3rd drive of the quarter, 1st and 10 from Tech 34, Interception T. Williams returned 20 yards and Penalty: Face Mask on Tech: 1:04:51
    Terrible throw by Shimonek as he throws it too far in front and Winchester is there to tip it up to Williams.

  • UH’s 3rd drive of the quarter, 1st and 10 from Tech 19, handoff Catalon for 1 yard: 1:06:23
    There’s a hole there for a split second and Catalon tries to hit it, but Noble can’t keep his guy blocked and that hole is plugged before Catalon can get through.

  • Same drive, 2nd and 9 from Tech 18, bubble screen to King for a TD: 1:06:45
    Dunbar makes a great block and Bonner makes a good block 10 yards down field. King makes one guy miss and bounces off another to score the TD

  • Tech’s 4th drive, 1st and 10 from the Tech 26, handoff up the middle for no gain: 1:10:04
    Another Ed Oliver moment as he’s double-teamed, but pushes through both before being literally tackled (no call for holding). Oliver’s effort forces the RB to have to stop and change directions which allows Hines to make the tackle.

  • Same drive, 3rd and 4 from Tech 32, Shimonek is sacked by K.Wiliams for a 9 yard loss: 1:11:21
    Shimonek has to take his pick as Turner, Egbule,and K.Williams are all bearing down on him. Ends up moving right into Williams who he doesn’t see coming from behind. Great pressure by the defense. Man, the way Turner is playing, he should be starting this next week.

  • UH’s 4th drive of the quarter, 1st and 10 from UH 37, bubble screen to Leday for 3 yards: 1:12:44
    From what I can tell, based off the way the WR are blocking Allen takes too long getting this ball to Leday which forces him too far outside into an unblocked defender. There was a defender that tried to jump the route early which is why Allen may have hesitated, but Bonner blocked him before he could get there.

  • Same drive, 2nd and 7 from UH 40, handoff Catalon for a loss of 3 yards: 1:13:15
    Low snap. B.Jones pulls to the right and completely whiffs on his block. Leslie also whiffs on his block and Catalon has no chance as the hole was supposed to be between those two guys.

  • Same drive, 3rd and 10 from UH 37, Quick slant to Dunbar for a gain of 15 yards: 1:15:31
    Best throw all day from Allen as he hits Dunbar perfectly and Dunbar takes it for 15 yards.

  • Same drive, 1st and 10 from Tech 48, bubble screen to Bonner for 7 yard gain: 1:15:53
    Allen makes a nice read as he sees a defender trying to jump the route and tosses it just over him to Bonner. Good blocks by Dunbar and Corbin downfield. Refs spot it a half yard behind where Bonner got the ball to.

  • Same drive, 2nd and 3 from Tech 41, bad snap, fumble Tech recovers: 1:16:18
    Low snap that hits the ground and bounces off Catalon right to the defender.

  • Tech’s 5th drive of the quarter, 1st and 10 from Tech 46, bubble screen to Coutee for 5 yards: 1:17:26
    Blatant hold by the WR on Egbule that isn’t called.

  • Same drive, 1st and 10 from UH 25, handoff Coutee for a loss of 2 yards: 1:18:59
    Coogs weren’t ready, but it kind of works for them as the Tech receivers don’t see K.Williams coming in like a missle to make the TFL.

  • Same drive, 2nd and 12 from UH 27, Pass complete to the left for a gain of 12 yards: 1:19:19
    K.Williams misses the tackle here that would have held Tech to a short gain; instead he gets 12 yards.

  • Same drive, 1st and 10 from UH 15, Pass complete for a gain of 5 yards: 1:19:40
    Coogs are again unprepared as Tech fakes the spike and get a 5 yard pass to the sideline. Coogs got lucky as Tech had WR open over the middle for a TD, but Shimonek never looked at him.

  • Same drive 2nd and 5 from UH 10, Pass incomplete to the back of the endzone: 1:20:24
    Receiver’s foot just lands on the backline; good job by Winchester to push him out after he caught the ball.

  • Same drive, 3rd and 10 from UH 14, Missed field goal: 1:23:09
    Tech takes a delay of game penalty to get a better angle for the kick and then the kicker boots it too far to the right. If they don’t take the penalty, he makes it.



  • Defense started to looked gassed, but they seemed to wake up after the TD was scored on them. Unfortunately, that last drive before half took a lot out of them.
  • Really impressed with Ed Oliver (duh) and Payton Turner on the line. Winchester also looks much better at CB this year, which is strange since he’s not starting on the depth chart (Myres is).
  • Coogs called 10 pass plays and 8 run plays (and one play on the bad snap fumble) this quarter. 2 of the pass plays were shovel passes and 5 were screen passes. Only 3 passes were intended to go down field: 1 bad pass, 1 sack/fumble, and 1 completed slant
  • This seemed to work, though, as the Coogs were moving the ball well on the edges against Tech and also didn’t force Allen to make throws he was having trouble completing. Allen actually played very well this quarter other than the one short throw to Dunbar. King and Catalon made a nice 1-2 punch at RB with their speed and the receivers were blocking well.
  • The Coogs started to come back in spite of their OL which was awful this quarter
  • Offensive Line stats for the half: 1 False Start, 6 Low Snaps including 1 fumble, 7 plays w/ poor run blocking (out of 12), 2 QB hits allowed, 1 Sack that led to a fumble
  • Missed tackles for the half: 9
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Welp…the original full game video got taken down. Here’s the new one and I’ve updated the other posts, including the times, to go off the new video. I’ll try to get to the 2nd half today or tonight.

3rd Quarter

  • Tech’s 1st drive of the quarter, 3rd and 11 from Tech 21, pass incomplete: 1:26:11
    Defense really came out of the half fired up and shut Tech down on 3 plays. Here’s the Coogs go with the Ed Oliver as the only DL and Oliver is able to work his way around the outside and almost get to Shimonek as he’s flushed out by the overload blitz from the left. Notable: Oliver is limping off the field with a cramp after this one.

  • UH’s 1st drive of the quarter, 1st and 10 from UH 22, swing pass to Catalon for 13 yards: 1:28:31
    Easy play and Leslie, Bonner, and Corbin all make their blocks

  • Same drive, 1st and 10 from UH 35, Catalon runs off RG for 1 yard: 1:29:08
    Rodgers gets stood up on his block and no hole develops.

  • Same drive, 2nd and 9 from UH 36, Birden runs up the middle for 2 yards: 1:29:08
    Hole is supposed to be between Leslie and a pulling Braylon Jones off RT, but Jones gets pushed into it. Birden tries to cut back on the other side of Jones, but gets sandwiched by a defender and Oliver, who’s trying to get to the 2nd level a little late.

  • Same drive, 3rd and 7 from UH 38, pass incomplete to Dunbar, Penalty: Holding on Tech: 1:30:26
    Coogs go 4 wide for maybe the first time this game. Allen fakes the screen to Catalon on the right, turns, and tries to go deep to Dunbar on the sideline. He’s hit hardbefore he can finish the throw and throws it a little too far out of bounds even though Dunbar makes an incredible diving catch. Penalty on Tech for holding. Hit on Allen was due to an overload blitz from the left and the line just didn’t have enough to block everyone.

  • Same drive, 1st and 10 from UH 48, Catalon up the middle for 9 yards: 1:31:23
    Trips right and the handoff goes to Catalon who waits long enough for the home to develop between Oliver and Noble and zooms through it. Almost breaks it, but gets knocked of his line just enough to force him into B.Jones 7 yards down field which allows the defense to recover.

  • Same drive, 2nd and 1 from Tech 43, Catalon to the right for no gain: 1:31:43
    Oliver gets stood up and pushed back which strings Catalon out to far the right and he’s just able to get back to the line. This is one of the situations where Allen makes the wrong read as there are only 3 guys to the left and everyone crashes right; Allen could either keep it for an easy first down and more or swing it over to Dunbar on a bubble screen for a huge gain.

  • Same drive, 3rd and 1 from Tech 43, Catalon up the middle for 2 yards: 1:32:05
    Leslie completely whiffs his block and Catalon has to fight through 2 guys to get past the first down marker. Another play where Allen probably could have pulled it back and thrown to Dunbar on the left and gotten an easy first plus some.

  • Same drive, 1st and 10 from Tech 41, pass complete to Bonner for 21 yards: 1:32:35
    Play-action here and Allen has all day to make an accurate throw to an open Bonner. Allen gets lucky as he lobs this one too much and gives the defender time to recover and hit Bonner as he catches it. You can hear Tuberville chastising Allen and the defender due to that.

  • Same drive, 1st and 10 from Tech 20, pass complete to Leday for a loss of 1: 1:33:09
    Play-action swing pass to Leday on the right, but he can’t make a tackler miss and is brought down for a loss of one. Not sure why Dunbar chose to go block the same guy that Bonner was and leave the defender that made the tackle with a free shot on Leday. Leday has speed, but he doesn’t have a ton of lateral quickness so asking him to make guys miss in the open field isn’t the best game plan.

  • Same drive, 2nd and 11 from Tech 21, Handoff King to the right for 2 yards: 1:33:38
    8 guys in the box and it ends up being a handoff to King. Just too many guys coming in to block on this one.

  • Same drive, 3rd and 9 from Tech 19, Allen intercepted: 1:34:07
    A lot went wrong on this one. First, Allen has Birden wide-open in the flat and sees him, but doesn’t pull the trigger even though Birden’s defender is 10 yards away at the time and Birden has a good chance at the first down. Second, Rodgers spends too long on the rusher going inside on a stunt and is in no position to do anything about the guy going to the outside. Allen does escape that guy, but has another guy bearing down on him who he’s also able to escape; as he’s trying to get away from the 2nd guy, he pumps like he’s about to throw, but pulls it down when he feels the defender graze against his backside (guessing he thought he was about to be flattened and was afraid of fumbling). He then continues staring at the same receiver (Birden) throughout his scramble and then tries to throw it to him, but doesn’t see the defender to Birden’s left that read’s Allen’s eyes and picks it off. If Allen throws it away, Coogs get a FG and tie it up. This is completely on Allen as he makes at least two poor decisions on this play and destroys any momentum the Coogs had.

  • Tech’s 2nd drive, 1st and 10 from Tech 11, handoff to the right for 73 yards: 1:35:15
    Have to go with the replay here as the broadcast comes back in the middle of the play. Hines doesn’t play his lane and instead goes to Adams’ lane which allows the RB to break it for a long run. K.Williams hustles and makes the TD saving tackle.

  • Same drive, 1st and 10 from UH 16, handoff up the middle for 1 yard: 1:35:40
    Another Ed Oliver play where he shoves the guard back 2 yards and violently takes down the RB as he tries to run past.

  • Same drive, 3rd and 9 from UH 15, pass incomplete to the endzone: 1:36:59
    This should have been offensive pass interference as the receiver is all over Winchester here. Good play by the receiver though as if he doesn’t interfere, it’s an interception as Winchester plays it perfectly.

  • Same drive, 4th and 9 from UH 15, 31 yard FG, missed: 1:37:47
    Adams just misses getting his fingers on this, but the ball pushes right. Tech is basically trying to hand the Coogs the game at this point.

  • UH’s 2nd drive of the quarter, 1st and 10 from UH 20, handoff Birden to the right for 3 yards: 1:38:16
    Noble gets dominated here and Birden is able to drag the defender 3 yards.

  • Same drive, 2nd and 7 from UH 23, Allen scrambles for a yard: 1:38:38
    B.Jones and J.Jones get worked over here forcing Allen to scramble, but he’s caught from behind for a one yard gain. This is another of those plays where the OL misses Greg Ward as he probably runs for more yards and covers their mistakes up. Note: They show Ed Oliver going to the locker room.

  • Same drive, 3rd and 6 from UH 24, Allen to King for 21 yards: 1:39:10
    Allen is completely shell-shocked here as the line holds, but he throws off his back foot and flinches before he finishes his follow through. Ball is just lobbed to King who makes a tremendous play to not only stop the interception, but to make the reception. This is about the time the coaches should have really considered getting Allen out of there.

  • Same drive 1st and 10 from UH 45, screen pass to Birden for 13 yards: 1:39:34
    Coogs go 5-wide for the first time with quads to the right. Great blocks by Leslie and King spring Birden.

  • Same drive, 1st and 10 from Tech 42, pass incomplete deep to Corbin: 1:40:01
    Allen, again, underthrows his receiver and Corbin almost makes a nice leaping catch that probably would have been a TD. Corbin has his man beat initially, but has to stop and try to leap over the defender to make the catch.

  • Same drive, 2nd and 10 from Tech 42, pass complete to Brooker for 4 yards: 1:40:43
    Coogs go 4 wide and Allen immediately thows to a well-covered Brooker. Brooker is able to hang on for a 4 yard gain. Coaches should have really been concerned about Allen’s psyche after 3 of the last 4 plays

  • Same drive, 3rd and 6 from Tech 38, pass incomplete over the middle to Bonner 1:41:18
    And then Bonner just drops what would have been an easy first down and more

  • Same drive, 4th and 6 from Tech 38, punt, touchback: 1:42:07
    Roy and the coverage team almost pin this at the one, but it just crosses the end line (Heck of a play by Stuard to almost keep it in the field). Honestly, at this point, coaches should have just gone for it. Tech’s defense was looking flat and the Coogs were moving the ball against them even with Allen looking a little shell-shocked. Sometimes you got to try to make something happen, especially with Ed Oliver in the locker room.

  • Tech’s 3rd drive, 2nd and 7 from Tech 23, Deep pass complete for a 77 yard TD: 1:43:06
    Looked like miscommunication on coverage here as Davis starts running towards the receivers on the right side of the field and tries to take the up guy while WInchester initially looks like he’s playing man on the same guy until he sees Davis in front of him. By the time he tries to recover, Shimonek is bombing it to a wide-open Coutee for an easy TD.

  • UH’s 3rd drive, 1st and 10 from UH 25, handoff Catalon for 1 yard: 1:45:31
    Denley’s in the game for Oliver at RG. Denley can’t release quick enough to get to the 2nd level and make the needed block for Catalon as Rodgers shoves his guy into Denley. No hole.

  • Same drive, 2nd and 9 from UH 26, check down pass to Bonner for 1 yard: 1:46:03
    Allen never looks left as he would have had a wide-open Dunbar down the sideline on a hitch route. Instead he checks down to a wide-open Bonner, but just floats the pass over there allowing the defender plenty of time to rush up and make the tackle.

  • Same drive, 3rd and 9 from UH 27, pass complete to Dunbar for 20 yards: 1:46:38
    Allen is getting happy feet, but keeps his composure as the line does a good job keeping him clean. He steps up and finds a wide-open Dunbar over the middle for 20 yards.

  • Same drive, 1st and 10 from UH 47, pass incomplete to Corbin: 1:47:05
    Quick in route to Corbin who tries to look down field before he secures it and drops the ball. Would have been at least a 5 yard gain. Two crucial drops by the receivers on the last two drives

  • Same drive, 2nd and 10 from UH 47, King runs off RT for 6 yards: 1:47:34
    Solid blocking from Rodgers and Leslie open a huge hole and King follows Birden for 6 yards

  • Same drive, 3rd and 4 from Tech 47, Allen throws it away: 1:48:01
    Leslie is wide-open at the first down marker but Allen never looks his way. Denley almost gets shoved into Allen which forces him out of the pocket and he throws it away. This is another one where Greg Ward maybe gets yardage for you or gets the coverage to break down because of his legs.

  • Tech’s 4th drive of the quarter, 3rd and 5 from Tech 8, Shimonek sacked by Thurman for a loss of 6: 1:51:08
    Big Ed comes back in the game on the last play and is double-teamed here, but Anenih and Thurman both beat their guys and Thurman gets the sack.

  • UH’s 4th drive of the quarter, 1st and 10 from Tech 47, Allen rolls out and completes pass to Bonner for 3 yards: 1:53:32
    Allen rolls right, and Denley and Rdgers just let their guy through to pressure Allen. Allen delivers a strike to Bonner on the sideline for 3 yards for the last play of the quarter.

End of the 3rd quarter


  • Defense was playing their butts off, but did give up a couple of big plays. Got lucky that the FG kicker missed the kick, but didn’t get lucky on the busted coverage.
  • Coogs called 14 pass plays and ran the ball 10 times. 3 of the pass plays were bubble screens and everything else was intended to go down field
  • The interception by Allen was inexcusable, as he didn’t take what probably would have been an easy first down, locked on a receiver, and then tried to force it in. Coogs should have at least tied it up there and that ended up being the difference in the game.
  • Around the 2nd drive of the quarter, you could tell that Allen was shell-shocked. For some reason, the Coogs went away from the edge runs and passes that worked well in the 2nd quarter and took pressure off Allen. Instead, they tried to run up the middle more and have Allen throw downfield which didn’t work in the 1st quarter. Bad thing was that the edges were still open for big yards most of the time.
  • 2 crucial drops by Bonner and Corbin on successive drives ended up killing two straight drives.
  • Offensive Line was a bit better than the 2nd quarter, but the right side of the line was having all kinds of problems. No low snaps this quarter.
  • Offensive Line Stats for the game: 1 False Start, 6 Low snaps including 1 fumble, 13 plays w/ poor run blocking (out of 22), 4 QB hits allowed, 1 Sack that led to a fumble, 3 QB hurries
  • Coaches have to be willing to be more aggressive at times. 4th and 6 from the opponent’s 38 and down 3 in the 3rd quarter, they should have gone for it. They were moving the ball on that drive and Tech was wilting in the sun. If Bonner doesn’t drop the pass the play before, they have another first down. On top of that, you just saw Ed Oliver go to the locker room and you can’t expect to keep holding Tech at bay for the entire game. 1st or 2nd quarter or you have the lead, you punt, but at that moment, you have to go for it and see if you can make something happen.
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They aren’t dominant, but they were abysmal last year. Being around average is a big improvement.
We might think they were even better if the offense hadn’t coughed up the ball five times last game.

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Look at some of last year’s games. Ward was running for his life on nearly every pass play. Big improvement there. Run blocking still is bad. we would have rushed for <100 if KA had stayed in.


The line has looked ok in pass pro, but terrible in run blocking. I’m no expert in line play, but it looks like we have the personnel for zone blocking schemes but don’t have the strength to move defensive fronts around to open up holes. That doesn’t bode well for a running game, particularly inside or off tackle.

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Bingo. Couldn’t agree more.

It’s basically why we run so many bubble screens; those are the running plays we know will get yardage most of the time since we can’t run up the middle.

Not sure what we can do about it at this point in the season, especially with Fontana and Eloph out. They tried Denley at RG and that was actually worse from what I saw in the 3rd quarter. Surprised the grad transfer from Auburn isn’t getting a look, but I’m guessing he’s not better.

Let’s finish this thing up with the Temple game less than 7 hours away. Need to try and see what made Postma so successful. Not sure I buy the prevent defense line as Tech was often sending just 3 or 4 rushers (sometimes even 2) this game.

4th Quarter

  • UH continues their last drive from the 3rd quarter, 2nd and 7 from Tech 44, Pass incomplete to Catalon: 1:54:39
    Allen opens up the quarter by tossing it way too high on a swing pass to Catalon. Coaches really should have decided that it was time to get him out of there after this drive

  • Same drive, 3rd and 7 from Tech 44, Allen throws it incomplete to the right: 1:55:21
    Allen only looks right. Tech sends a blitz, but the line does a good job for the most part before guys are able to get in. Allen is jumpy and starts trying to bounce around before throwing it away. Again, they needed to pull Allen at this point.

  • UH’s 2nd drive, 1st and 10 from UH 18, Allen to Brooker for 6 yards: 2:01:51
    Noble can’t get his guy blocked and Allen has to move right to get away. He finds Brooker on the sideline for 6 yards

  • Same drive, 2nd and 4 from UH 24, Allen to Dunbar for 16 yards: 2:02:21
    Rodgers completely whiffs his block allowing the edge rusher to come in clean. Allen sees it and just lobs it up for Dunbar who makes a great jumping back shoulder catch on a ball thrown behind him.

  • Same drive, 1st and 10 from UH 40, Allen sacked for a loss of 6, fumbles and recovered by Noble: 2:02:49
    Allen takes too long and has Birden wide open over the middle. Pocket eventually collapses and Allen has nowhere to go.

  • Same drive, 2nd and 16 from UH 34, Allen throws incomplete to Dunbar: 2:03:29
    Allen has time and throws it high and behind Dunbar who does a 5 yard in. Allen is completely lost out there at this point

  • Same drive 3rd and 16 from UH 34, Allen scrambles for 2 yards: 2:04:02
    Line is having problems picking up the blitz and a rusher comes in clean off a stunt. Allen is able to escape, but has nowhere to throw the ball. Terrible drive by the OLine and Allen.

  • Tech’s 2nd drive of the quarter, 1st and 10 from Tech 6, RB runs for 84 yards: 2:07:03
    Freshman mistake as Stuard goes too far inside and is easily blocked out of his gap assignment which opens the huge hole. Isaiah Johnson is extremely fast and runs him down.

  • Same drive, 1st and 20 from UH 20, Screen pass for a 20 yard TD: 2:08:49
    Stuard makes another mistake as he follows the receiver too far inside and isn’t able to get back in time to tackle the RB on the screen.

  • UH’s 3rd drive of the quarter, 1st and 10 from UH 27, Postma pass incomplete to Leday: 2:16:43
    Coaches finally pull Allen about 2 to 3 drives late. Braylon Jones is now at Center and Denley is at LG. Postma locks on to Leday immediately and almost gets picked as the defender jumps the route.

  • Same drive, 2nd and 10 from UH 27, Postma to Dunbar for 4 yards: 2:17:10
    Quick WR Screen to Dunbar. B.Jones runs right by a guy to help double team a guy downfield, but the guy he runs by makes the tackle.

  • Same drive, 3rd and 6 from UH 31, Postma throws incomplete: 2:17:42
    Postma gets happy feet even though the line does a good job and then scrambles to the right before seeing Catalon wide open on the edge. Pass is blocked by a rusher that Postma moved closer to and almost picked off.

  • Same drive, 4th and 6 from UH 31, Postma runs for 12 yards: 2:19:29
    So nice to have someone that sees holes and blows through them at QB. Tech rushes 4 and Postma scampers through a hole behind Denley for 12 yards and the first down.

  • Same drive, 1st and 10 from UH 43, Postma to Corbin for 19 yards: 2:20:02
    Line does a great job of keeping the pocket clean and Postma scans the field before finding Corbin. Throws an accurate rope and Corbin makes the catch.

  • Same drive, 1st and 10 from UH 38, Postma scampers for 20 yards: 2:20:30
    Tech only rushes 3 so Postma again runs behind Denley and finds a wide open field for 20 yards.

  • Same drive, 1st and 10 from UH 18, Postma to Leday for 7 yards: 2:20:58
    Timing play to Leday on a 5 yard in for 7 yards and Postma hits him right in the chest

  • Same drive, 2nd and 3 from UH 11, Postma throws incomplete to Dunbar: 2:21:51
    Postma goes for the fade to the endzone, but throws it a little too far. Dunbar actually makes a great catch, but falls out of bounds.

  • Same drive, 3rd and 3 from UH 11, Catalon up the middle for 2 yards: 2:22:29
    Decent blocking here, but it breaks down as Catalon hits the hole. Strange call with time running down

  • Same drive 4th and 1 from UH 9, Postma on the keeper for the TD: 2:23:05
    Catalon does a good job sealing off a block and Postma just barrels his way through 2 guys into the endzone. Tech was not in prevent here as they had 7 guys on the line.

  • Tech’s 3rd drive of the quarter, 4th and 4 from Tech 31, 39 yard punt, McDowell fumbles, Tech recovers: 2:30:01
    One, why aren’t we going for the punt block on this play. Two, McDowell, what are you doing. He fields the punt, but doesn’t secure it which allows the defender to rip it away from him.

  • UH’s 4th drive of the quarter, 1st and 10 from UH 24, Postma throws incomplete to Dunbar: 2:35:20
    Tech only rushes 3 and Josh Jones gets pushed back into Postma. Postma gets it away and throws it out of bounds near Dunbar

  • Same drive, 2nd and 10 from UH 24, Postma throws complete to Leslie for 29 yards, penalty on UH (Denley) for Unsportsmanlike Conduct for 15 more yards: 2:35:54
    Tech only rushes 3 and Postma easily finds Leslie over the middle. Leslie makes a nice spin move to get extra yardage and it eventually takes 5 guys to bring him down. Denley called for the penalty after the play as he flattens a CB near where the tackle was made.

  • Same drive, 1st and 10 from UH 38, Postma to Leslie for 7 yards: 2:37:08
    Mirror image of the last play as Postma again finds Leslie over the middle for 7 yards. Noble back at Center and B.Jones moves back to RG as Denley is taken out of the game for the penalty.

  • Same drive 2nd and 3 from UH 45, Postma to Dunbar for 11 yards: 2:37:22
    Tech’s only rushing 3 and in prevent. Postma scans the field and hits an open Dunbar for 11 yards.

  • Same drive 1st and 10 from Tech 44, Postma throws it incomplete to Bonner: 2:37:40
    3 man rush that starts to push the line back into Postma. He has nowhere to go, but tries to get it to Bonner. Throw is a bit high and behind Bonner who almost makes a tremendous one-handed catch before getting hit knocking the ball loose.

  • Same drive 2nd and 10 from Tech 44, Postma throws incomplete to Bonner, Penalty on Tech for Defensive holding 2:38:14
    Postma locks on to Bonner right away and is almost picked off trying to thread a pass to him. Holding called on the guy that Noble is blocking.

  • Same drive, 1st and 10 from Tech 34, Postma scampers for 11 yards: 2:38:54
    Empty backfield, Tech rushes 4. No one open, so Postma goes through the hole behind the RG again and gets a good Leslie block down field before being dragged down from behind.

  • Same drive from Tech 23, Postma completes a pass to Bonner for 19 yards: 2:39:15
    3 man rush, 7 step drop and Postma hits Bonner easily down the left side for 19 yards.

  • Same drive from Tech 4, Postma completes a pass to Bonner for the TD: 2:40:52
    7 men on the line for Tech, Postma rolls left and leads Bonner on an out at the goalline for the TD

  • Kickoff, Onside kick, Tech recovers: 2:42:57
    This almost works as Roy goes with the misdirection and Adams was right at the 10 yard marker to recover it. Ball takes a bad bounce at about 8 yards and doesn’t make it to Adams.

End of the 4th Quarter


  • Defense continued to play well, but the freshman got targeted twice in a row for the TD
  • If McDowell doesn’t try to pick up that punt return, things get a little more interesting. Not going to kill the kid for trying to make a play there though.
  • Coogs called 23 pass plays and ran the ball twice this quarter. 1 of the pass plays was a swing pass to Catalon; all other passes were intended to go down field.
  • Allen was lost at this point and should have been pulled in the middle of the 3rd quarter.
  • Postma definitely added a different look with his mobility that was much needed. He was also accurate throwing the ball. However, he had a tendency to lock on receivers and was almost picked 3 times.
  • The line did a better job with Postma in there, but Tech went to a vanilla defense for the most part so it’s hard to say that they would be better with Postma.
  • Offensive Line Stats for the game: 1 False Start, 1 Unsportsmanlike Conduct, 6 Low snaps including 1 fumble, 13 plays w/ poor run blocking (out of 24). 1 sack that led to a fumble, 11 QB hurries

Final Overall Thoughts

  • I’m not impressed with Tech as we beat ourselves. They may be a 6-6 to 8-4 team at best. They won’t beat OU, OSU, or TCU and will probably have problems against UT and West Virginia.

  • Postma should start over Allen if that’s what the options are. They both have issues with locking onto receivers, but Postma adds an added factor of mobility and was much more accurate than Allen. I’d still like to get a look at King back there.

  • As much as everyone complains about them, the bubble screens and shovel passes to the edges were working in the 2nd quarter and we were moving the ball with ease. For some reason we completely went away from that in the 2nd half and tried to throw the ball downfield more. It wasn’t the defense as there were a number of times that the RBs were open coming out of the backfield. Questionable play calling, especially with Allen’s mentality at the time.

  • Defense was fine, but we have some depth problems on that side of the ball.

  • Payton Turner should be starting over Reggie Chevis now

  • The offensive line was terrible in both pass protection and run blocking. No holes, missed blocks, getting pushed back with ease, Noble’s low snaps in the 2nd quarter, losing the battle against 2, 3, and 4 man rushes. Coaches need to figure it out quickly.

  • The wide receivers continue to be underwhelming outside of Dunbar and Leday. Bonner makes a lot of catches on short passes, but is not a consistent blocker and has had crucial drops in both the Arizona and Tech games. Corbin is inconsistent and can’t be trusted. Hopefully, the return of Jefferson will help.

  • I’m not sure why Leslie is getting more playing time over Brooker. Felt that Brooker did well in the Arizona game and was a big reason why we ran so well as we were running between him and the tackles often that game. Leslie is a below average blocker at best, but the coaches have been going with him since the Rice game.

  • Lastly, we may have lost this game because we have a rookie head coach more than anything. Applewhite has to be more decisive in game and has to be willing to take more risks. It was obvious that Allen wasn’t right and he was a lost cause halfway through the 3rd quarter, yet he was still in there on two drives into the 4th. We also went back to the original game plan in the 2nd half instead of what was working in the 2nd quarter. Big one, you’re down 3 at home in the 3rd quarter and at the opponent’s 38 and you’re moving the ball pretty well, you go for it against a team with an explosive offense. You also try to block the punt late in the 4th quarter down 10. This cautiousness worries me greatly about our new head coach more than anything else.

All good observations pray.

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Pray, what were your observations about the linebackers? It seems we have one really good one in Adams but the other two seem also non existent. We also seem to have zero depth there .

LBs are good.

Adams is solid, but they mostly ask him to drop in coverage and he can’t keep up with quicker guys like Coutee of Tech. Still, he doesn’t make mistakes when he’s out there.

Hines is solid, usually is the QB spy. Gets over-aggressive at times and can get out of position, but that’s rare. Not the best tackler.

Egbule is basically a rusher exclusively. He’s decent and gets around the QB a few times a game. Doesn’t wrap up on tackles all the time so he’ll miss a few tackles.

Robinson comes in to spell them from time to time. Solid player who’s good in coverage. Good role for him.

Anenih got in for a play against Tech and has a ton of speed as he blew by his blocker and almost got the QB. Like to see more of him and give Egbule a breather from time to time.

Godfrey comes in on 3rd and long when they usually only have Oliver as a DL. Good rusher who can get to the QB…just needs to get his hands up so he doesn’t run head first into the QB.

Haven’t seen anyone else out there as I count Stuard as the slot guy.