Texas Tech

Texas Tech is currently #1 in the new Big 12 in recruiting and are top 25, breaking through that P2 stronghold.

They are our direct competition for an upcoming B1G 10 spot IF/WHEN they get to 24 and IF/WHEN they look to add a school from Texas.

Yes, this recruiting cycle was off for us buy there was no reason CDH shouldn’t have been as successful than a smaller public school IN Lubbock, before he was jettisoned. We are talking about Texas Tech…Not Ohio State…Not Texas

WE need to keep our eye on Texas Tech


Tech signed their first ever 5-star recruit.

I wonder to what extent that “skews” their overall ranking.

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They were ahead way before that 5 star committed. Their coach was hustling from day one which proves an active recruiting strategy leads to great results.

This is what Fritz is doing now.

I can’t wait till he has a FULL cycle!.


Their NIL is much more advanced than ours right now. They took a DL from last year from us due to NIL


Tech wouldn’t be our competition. No one cares about Lubbock. Of in-state schools our competition would probably be TCU


Yeah, they might not care about Lubbock, but they do care NIL. If UH improves their NIL, the sky is a limit, and I think we’ll start to see higher rated recruits at UH. Then again, it’s how the coach develops the recruit that’s important, right?


The B1G wouldn’t take TCU…they’d look at BIG Public Schools.

TCU is nowhere near the BIG private school class of a USC or a Notre Dame.

Their recent adds include mostly public schools:

Rutgers (University of New Jersey)



Nobody in the P2 gives a flying you know what about Lubbock, Texas. SMU and TCU are our bigger threats if/when it comes down to a super league breaking off.

I don’t think it matters though. At the end of the day, Texas, TAMU, and LSU will carry this market. Let’s just worry about being the best versions of ourselves and worry about making a playoff before the next realignment.

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And at the end of the day, neither SMU, nor TCU are going to the B1G. Neither is AAU.

TCU ain’t even close (they’re barely even a research university), and SMU wouldn’t be close to being R1, were it not for the Carnegie Foundation lowering its standards for R1 designation significantly within the last month or so. They’re not close to AAU level either.

Consider just how far behind the rest of the ACC SMU is in research:

They’re DEAD LAST…and only Boston College is close.

Even Louisville totally OUTCLASSES them. Were they in the Big 12, they’d be near the bottom as well.

As for the SEC, as long as UT and aTm are members…look for them to monopolize the state, and keep other Texas schools out. It’s just how they are.


Five stars skew the rankings big time. We would be at 37 with Hudson (via class calculator).

That’s what I was thinking.

What would Tech be without a five star?

40 or 41

Well there you have it!

Hudson only went there because his dad went there it’s similar to Ed committing to UH because of his brother or else he’d been gone to LSU

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BUT…they DID land a 5 star, due to their hard work, strategy, NIL organization, whatever, so THEY get the ranking associated with that.

Very few Non-P2 programs land 5 stars…they are that rare.

See the post above.

It appears to be an Ed Oliver type thing.


If Fritz lands Malachi Nelson, the USC QB transfer, it would be worth almost as much as Hudson…would boost UH a lot.


That boost in the rankings would be nice.

But as I’ve said elsewhere.

The people thinking that he’s going to come in and put a Sr. returning starter at QB on the bench as a redshirt freshman are probably not being realistic.

Damn we need to up our research dollars. Thanks prop 5! Cinci looks like a promising P2 candidate

I truly do not understand why Cincy isn’t AAU.

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