Texas to Build border to border EV Charging network


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Well… It’s happening

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Well that’s about does it for gas and probably gonna drop consumption across the board for the next 10 years. Sorry to be in the gas station business.

It will be interesting to watch the gas station biz change over the next 20 years. Charging will still take a lot longer than filling with gas even after vehicles upgrade to solid state batteries. You’ll see the chargers keep popping up everywhere like grocery stores already started. More restaurants next…anywhere you might spend 20 minutes. Gas/station convenient stores need to be sure they have a small restaurant attached (many do already).

Buc-ees looks set up for them with their massive parking lots and big stores.

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Do they want the EV drivers to leave the state by making sure they have places to charge all the way to the border?

They are talking about boarding states not Mexico.

Restaurants, grocery stores, etc. will likely get into charging business.

It’s apartment complexes that really need them. Most EV buyers have a garage where they can plug in every night, so that they don’t have to worry about even a 250 mile range. It’s like charging your phone. And if you have a variable plan, rates are cheaper at night.

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Same at home overnight.

It seems that there are some drawbacks that they need to iron out.

Why is it you guys only see these problems on EVs? When in reality, good old gas cars have the same problems.