Thank you Major Applewhite

Your accomplishments so far:

  • lost to Tech to end our home winning streak

  • lost to Tech to end our P5 winning streak

  • lost to #25 Memphis to end our streak beating ranked teams

What is next on your list? Losing the team? The fans?

All momentum from the past two years is gone. Gone.


A bit harsh. I think our team lack a Uber qb. Applewhite knows that and has been recruiting them.

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We had a bowl winning streak he broke too.


I’ll tell you what. This team is going to be fighting just to get bowl eligible at this point. They play USF next. Tulane is also on the road. The Navy game may decide whether this team plays in the post-season. That’s scary.

Applewhite is part of the tsip conspiracy to sabotage us…

But seriously he has sucked. No fun for anyone.
Feelbad for the guy but feel worse we are wasting Talent like Ed Oliver. This team has more talent than anyone in iur conference. These results are unacceptable!


How is it harsh? Is it the truth?


This post is too much. Take a look at the landscape of our conference this year and next year. When momentum shifts back to the Coogs next year, make sure you thank CMA again.


I will but nothing I posted is false. At least with Herman, we were relevant. You can see the difference on the sideline as well. Watch the kickoffs. Under Herman, just about every single player was jumping up and down and getting hyped which fed the crowd which fed the team. Now? There are about 12 guys jumping up and down and the rest just standing around. Applewhite displays zero fire in interviews, post game pressers and I bet its the same with the players.
The home streak buzz was on ESPN every week. The P5 streak was on ESPN every week. The beating ranked teams streak was on ESPN every week. There was national relevance. Now? Nada. It shows in the stands as well.
Houston is not a program where a coach can be spending time “learning the game”. The University has spent too much money on shiny new things to have the product on the field perform so poorly.


I will throw my thoughts in here.

King needs to start the rest of the season. We already know the 2 seniors are not good enough.
Applewhite needs to beat either USF or Navy to keep his job past this year.
I like both assistants. I think passing teams are our weakness. Johnson, D’Onofrio, and Applewhite need to show me they can put together a 4 quarter game against quality competition.
Special Teams has been very solid until tonight.
I think the right call was to punt on the 4th and 1. The defensive coaches get paid well and the players have scholarships. Stop them.

I predicted 8-4 with losses to Tech, Tulsa, Memphis, and USF. The only surprise thus far is the ineptitude of Kyle Allen. I think Applewhite is learning on the job. Thats what we signed up for when we offered him the job.
Anenih is the next Bowser and needs to start over Egbule. Payton Turner should have seen more time tonight as well.
Johnson called a great game.
D’Onofrio is conservative by nature. The complete opposite of the old DC. And yet, we gave up 48 to Memphis last year, and 42 to them this year. At the end of the day our players are not good enough in some areas. That is okay.
Oline played well today.
If we go 5-6 with the talent we have, clean house.

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Wish I had your optimism for CMA. UH is a hard place for a HC, you’ve got to win immediately or Houston will tune you out. It’s a front runner pro town that’s just the fact. Bland and boring/losing is an impossible sell


Some of you guys crack me up. Going crazy because we lost double digits to Tulsa is one thing but having a thread dedicated to use losing to two top 40 teams, is on the cusp of insanity.

I think what causes this insanity is not knowing what to complain about. Had we lost 21 to 10 and scored no points in the second half, then it would be simper right? But seeing as we had our best second half we had all season and our top 10 ranked defense allowed 35 second half points and our special teams that never allows TDs allowed one this game, we can’t blame the usual suspects.

I wonder if Memphis fans reacted this way when they blew a 20 point lead to us 2 years ago. Hell when they blew the 20 point lead, they were ranked and we beat them with our backup QB. When they beat us, they were still the ranked team but they also did it with what might be the number 1 draft pick in the NFL this year.

The attendance said it all tonight. Even though we were favored, this was a game the fans expected us to lose so they didn’t show up. It’s just no one thought we would lose it in this particular fashion.

How many plays were soooooo close that would have made the finish completely different? The irony is that if this game wasn’t a Thursday night, nationally televised game, the interception in the endzone probably doesn’t have the one angle that shows the ball touch the ground. Even the fumble by Postma might have got overturned because two angles didn’t show the ball pop out until after he hit the ground. One view made the difference.

The game probably should have been a bigger loss. Their star receiver had several drops and a fumble in the first half. Once they realized Myres was no match for Miller, they exploited the hell out of that and we didn’t have an answer for it. Tech was the better team and Memphis is the better team.

If you want to keep complaining about the Tulsa loss, feel free. We will probably lose all 4 quarters to USF, so be ready for that. Maybe wait for the ECU and Tulane games to see if Tulsa was a fluke or if it was the beginning of the end to Applewhite’s head coaching career at UH.

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This team doesn’t have more talent than anyone. That is completely false.


Saw a snippet from JD on Twitter from Applewhite’s press conference after the game. Although a small sampling, it sure sounded like he was putting all of the blame on the players and not the coaches. It will be interesting to see the whole video and to be able to put the sample in context. As it stands from the post, very disappointed in Applewhite’s statements.

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As a head coach, you can never blame the players. You have to blame to coaching staff. If you blame the players, you mind as well resign.

What does jumping around on the sideline have to do with the execution of X’s and O’s? Who can confirm that our team “feeds” off sideline energy? Were the Memphis players jumping around on the sideline? What about Tulsa? What about Tech? There is absolutely no validity to that suggestion. Energy does not correlate with win probability.

The contradiction is that lying Tom had just as much experience as a head coach as CMA when he came here; zero. We’re going to have to grow with CMA. This season is eye opening ,but isn’t going to kill our buzz. I guarantee you we’ll win the western division next season (most likely the conference, as well). We’ll have the most returning talent with guys in their second year in the system.


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What does jumping around the side line have anything to do with anything? Where the heck have you been the last two years? You think intensity and winning had any connection to each other?

So now you’re guaranteeing that we’ll win the west next year? lol. It doesn’t take a genius to see Applehwhite doesn’t have it. As Briles said, UH isn’t on a 5 year plan, its should always be on the 5 minute plan.


All of our wins were due to jumping around on the sideline?
C’mon… If that’s the case, you should go coach; make sure to abandon game planning, nutrition, strength/conditioning, player engagement, and just have our players jump around like Kriss Kross! lol

Yes, I am. Just like many on this board knew last year , that USF would be in the driver seat to start this season. Pay attention to our roster and the other teams in this conference a bit more, please. It’s also funny that people are failing to mention that Mathew Adams (our starting middle linebacker) did not play this game. How can we claim that we know CMA doesn’t have what it takes, when we don’t even know our own roster?

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We had 3 separate 17-point leads over Memphis last night - as late as 16 minutes to play. You don’t think it’s reasonable for fans to complain about yet another second half collapse? That’s insanity.


TV showed a fairly large group jumping up and down before each kickoff. They were throwing water from water bottles and the players seemed into it. I was wondering who those guys were – starters, backups, Kyle Allen?

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