Thanks for the praise Chronicle

" UH gets trampled by Jalen Hurts, Oklahoma in season opener"

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Well, that’s not wrong.


What do you want them to say? We got a participation ribbon.


Call me crazy but I’d like the hometown paper to be more of a hometown paper like the rest of the country


Well, yes, but our “hometown paper” believes that its hometown is Austin, where so many of its writers and editors went to school.


We got our butts kicked but Snow cones for everybody!!!


Creech has a good article that I posted on my Twitter acct. Patience Grasshopper. There are some legit critiques.

  1. Give King permission to improvise more. We may not win a single game with him hiding out in the pocket.

  2. For goodness sake bring back the tempo. UH was careful to never snap the ball until OU finished subbing and finally signaled they were ready.

The effort was good. The execution not so much. This will get better. If we had started with PV you would have seen a much better game against OU. There’s a reason so many powerhouse teams start every season with cream puff games.


EXACTLY; and nothing ever changes. The sooner they go bankrupt, the better I like it!


To quote you, “ Every year powerhouse teams start the season with a cream puff team”. So we were OU’s cream puff team?


No. They still have Kansas.

What were they supposed to say? How much praise did we really earn?

Better headlines?
“Houston, tried really hard and covered the spread”

“Why did OU bother showing up vs Houston? They barely even won.”

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Well, if we were Ohio State, the headline in the Columbus Dispatch would be something like “Bucks 2nd Half Rally Falls Short” Accentuate the positive, but that wouldn’t fit the comicals agenda would it?


“UH loses to Jalen Hurts, Oklahoma in season opener”

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I doubt it, if this was Columbus and Ryan Day’s group got convincingly beaten they’d be pretty negative too.
Our second half rally fell short? C’mon that implies that we actually got close. We didn’t really. We were beaten soundly, and never really threatened.

But this whinging about this headline, is little more than cry baby BS.

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And tech, Iowa state, West Virginia, Baylor, rest of the Big 12 :sunglasses:

I grew up in buckeye land and I have seen 100’s of Sunday morning headlines after victories and defeats of all kinds.

The coaches will work on fixing what is fixable, i.e. non-genetic shortcomings. And, if they are really good coaches, they build on the positives. Beating down the hometown team and rubbing there faces in a bad loss like a puppy who poops in the house does nothing good.

I agreee with Steve. The chron can ggf with that stuff.


So, you guys picked the one that was not flattering, but choose to ignore the Soloman article, “Debut Hurts, But it will get better.” with a subtitle, “Holgorsen era starts with a loss, yet there were some encouraging signs for the Cougars.” Of course that would not fit the anti Chronicle bent of this board.

Funny, we have hundreds of posts by guys, that are supposed to be avid fans and alumni, that make what Duarte said look like a pollyanna post, but when he states the facts, folks get butthurt.

I’ve had my issues with the Chronicle over the years, but sometimes you just can’t expect a reporter to sugar coat things.

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Well said Mike. I’m not a fan of the Chronicle either but this was accurate reporting.