The AAC Tournament Thread

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That is a perfect draw for us. Complete redemption.


Excuse my ignorance but why are the co-champs 2&3 seeds? Why not 1 & 2?



Ahhh that makes sense… didn’t see that bearcats earned a share too.

Memphis as a 6 seed benefits them. They can get to 23 wins by beating the last place team and Tulsa. That’s a pretty decent resume builder without having to play one of the 2 top dogs.

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How did Cincy get the 1 seed? What are the tiebreakers again?

See previous thread on tiebreakers.

How do you get single game tickets? Do you have to buy both night games?

Second market ticket prices have plummeted since the virus scare. Check stubhub daily. The market for the S. regional here in Houston is half of what it was a week ago.

UH site claims that all tickets they have are sold, but to check if more tickets become available. Do those of you who have purchased tickets know what section they’re in. I’m going up Friday and want single game tickets, just want to know where to purchase them to be near our fans.

We’re in section 109.

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for anyone who wants to go but finds the ticket prices kinda high…theres a deal on groupon for some tickets
i doubt they are amazing seats or anything … but since forth worth is an easy drive and there might be some students here who want to bring some home court advantage
i found a groupon link for some really cheap tickets…

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win percentage among the 3 tied teams…they are 2-1 in the round robin, we are 2-2, tulsa is 1-2