I have to state the obvious the AAC is one hell of a Athletic Conference. The conference as a whole puts up top performers in several sports capable of playing with/beating teams in any conference. I was disappointed with the mass exodus upon our entry into the BEAST. That being said this conference rallied, and made the very best of a bad situation. Here’s to hoping our conference gets more respect in the future, because we have earned the P6 moniker.


Respect is all good, but we need the money to go with it.


Our best shot in being in a p5 is the aac.


I agree, we have clearly separated from the rest of the so-called G5 conferences and I do not see any other conference expanding. I also don’t see ESPN doing us any favors as they would prefer to fabricate a middle class G5 playoff. Might work for the other G5 conferences but not for the AAC.

Power 6 may be a slogan but it might be our best path, especially if a few of the remaining stronger programs out west (BYU, Boise St, Colorado St, to name three…there are more) would join the conference and strengthen our position and market value.

Ultimately though, this will be settled in the courts somehow. I don’t see any conference giving anything to wake sleeping giants (B12 aborted expansion) and I don’t see a P6 conference fitting into ESPN’s business plans. Don’t know how or on what merit a lawsuit would be filed, but if Utah did it, so can we.


If Boise State and SDSU would not have left the AAC at the altar, it could have been a beautiful marriage… That might have kept Navy out – who knows but we are left to wonder “what if”.

They threatened to sue then the following happened:
Oorin Hatch got into the middle of it and helped his Utes.
A few months later Utah was added to the PAC10 along with Colorado it became the PAC12.
A while later Oorin Hatch said the following:
“Utah moving to the Pac-10 doesn’t mean that the BCS is suddenly good for college football,” Hatch said in a statement. “Most reasonable people agree with me, that a fair playoff system would benefit all schools, regardless of what conference they’re in.” He is now retiring from the Senate. His words resonates today even louder than before.
The scam continues.


Aresco has to drive up demand among the networks/internet providers/etc and get some money out of the next contract. ESPN will want to low ball again, but hopefully Aresco can find someone willing to take a chance. All it takes is one network that decides that they want to spend money on the AAC and we’ve got a chance.

However, if Aresco hasn’t made in-roads with anyone, we’re screwed.

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NO, IT ISNT… That will NEVER happen…Our best shot is when movement occurs in BIG and hopefully PAC in 4 or 5 years when Big 12 GOR close to expiration and schools move to a more stable, richer league…We will have a chance to be part of a move going to BIG, when they act, or PAC, if they do it, or Big 12, when they replace schools who left…

Why? I generally agree that ESPN will never ‘give’ anything, that is why I say it will be settled in some kind of lawsuit, but why would you say it will NEVER happen.

B12 will never add another Texas team. Unless we make AAU within 4-5 year, BIG won’t add us. Pac12 might be the one to add us, but they’re not too strong financially.

dig, OU and Texas are GONE…They have refused to extend Big 12 GOR and the only reason to do that is intention to leave…OU isnt shy about their future intentions. When that happens, around 2022 or 23, then you are going to see shifting…No clear idea what Big 12 will do once their pillar schools bail on them…Other schools could and likely WILL go with OU and Texas…Kansas with OU, and with Texas, who knows? When that happens, PAC can make their move and attempt to come East and improve their situation through expansion, or sit on their hands as they are doing now…If PAC makes a move, and more and more, it seems they have to do something, based on what their leadership is saying, like CAL chancellor. Big 12 either implodes or rebuilds, depending on what PAC 12 decides to do or not do. If PAC expands, we are definitely going to be in on that deal. If not, we clearly would be desperately needed by Big 12 to rebuild…The chief schools keeping us out and keeping us down will be gone. Big 12 think will undergo a radical change once Texas, OU and others are gone…I mention BIG only as a possible cog in the big deal that is coming, and RK has connections there, but as you say, not likely…The other 2 scenarios are highly likely, depending on what PAC 12s decision will be…The P5 way of handling G5 conferences that are a threat to them is to raid them and remove their status as a threat…see MWC, when they removed TCU and Utah and eliminated them as a threat. The only certainty is it is not going to stay the same, because it never does. Shifts are coming…

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We did not have one single vote in the mis-named B12 last year. Not one school supported us. I believe UT and OU will be gone and that no other school is strong enough to be and anchor school and the b12 will be relegated to a g conference and there will be a P4 and a g6. The big question is does ESPN want the P4 to go to 16 teams each? If so then we have a chance an the PAC.

The big 12 proved this year that they don’t need to expand. They make banks and we’re in the hunt for the big prize.

UT and OU may not have voted to extend the media grant but that doesn’t mean they are out the door.

A likely scenario is that UT and OU stay and the conference stays at 10 or expands to include UCF and one other.

Why a national champion flag? I mean i understand they went undefeated but thats a little much. Even if it is to stick it to the Cartel

that is not going to happen.

Well, technically, no school had a vote as they never voted on schools. They only voted on whether to expand or not.

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UCF going all in on this “national championship” thing.

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Love everyone’s optimism, but there’s no way in hell the AAC is ever going to be a power conference with the Big 10, SEC, ACC, etc. First, why exactly would the existing Power Five schools let another league into the inner circle? A sense of fair play? Right. Second, it’s about far more than competitiveness: it’s about big schools putting 5x as many fans in the stands as schools like Tulane, Tulsa, SMU, etc. And it’s about clout. No one in the AAC really has any. We have to hope that we land on our feet in the next shakeup coming in about five or six years. There’s a good chance the Big 12 won’t make it, at least not as is. OU will probably move to the Big 10 or SEC. UH may be able to go to the PAC with three other schools, or we could end up in a watered-down Big 12 that may still retain its P5 status. Hard to say. Despite the travel issues, we obviously would prefer the former.

Don’t see us joining the PAC 12. Aren’t they in a different time zone? Our guys will be lagged out making flights every week.