"The Almanac" Top 100 players

How many Coogs will be in the Top 100 players?

*Sasser, Jarace Walker, Shead, Mark, Arceneaux?? :thinking:

*How many AAC players will be top 100?

Reece Beekman and Jalen Cook - 2 guards we’ll face this season

I doubt Mark is in there… I think he has the talent but wasn’t able to show it last year…

Sasser is top 10, Shead is top 50. Jarace maybe shows up. Thatd be my guess.

We’re hearing talk of JW and TA being NBA draft picks. How do they not make the list?


Should be all the above, but people tend to sleep on mark and he didn’t get to showcase his skills last year, but didn’t Sampson say he was our best player early on or something along those lines @pesik @Coog1992 ?

Jarace and Arceneaux are getting huge draft buzz from what people have posted so they should definitely be on the list too

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If TA becomes a draft pick we’re in for quite a couple of years


#91 overall



I was wrong… Hats off to The Almanac!

Hopefully, Tramon bounces back this year!

Love it for Mark. Great to see him getting some recognition!

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Mayer is a nice player

Congrats to Tramon. I think that number is about right given his injury, but I think by the end of this season, he’ll prove himself worthy of a much higher ranking.

Posh Alexander, in my opinion is too high. His team hasnt made a postseason. Shot 22% from 3pt range last season

Darrion Trammel played with Cam Tyson last yr at Seattle U

trammel has no business being that high…


A healthy Tramon can certainly be higher on this list.

Solid defender, good passer, can slash to the basket. Just needs that shooting to be more consistent.


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