The band is back together!

Daryl Morey strikes gold twice? Dude should still be a Rocket, and by dude I mean Daryl Morey.

Edit, rockets tried to get Westbrook back

Daryl Morey is way overrated imo…
Never won squat… Then he lied and said he wanted to spend time with his family instead of being a GM after he ruined the Rockets roster by going to a small ball roster… Good Riddance.

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2nd round, Im all on this Philli train.

Won’t make it out of the Eastern Conference…

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Harden is terrible… He isn’t a superstar and Morey ain’t the genius everyone says he is if he continues to hitch his wagon to him.

Tatum, Donkic, Curry… Those are superstars!

Harden should change his name to Hidin’… Cause that’s all his game ever does in the playoffs… Goes into hiding.

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Unloaded Harden just in time……great move by Stone.

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