The Big12 has paint itself into a corner


According to Dennis Dodd at CBS Sports … who apparently is totally sold on UH … if the conference does not choose UH and BYU …

like Ricky Ricardo … "LUCY!!! yu hav sum 'splaining to do!!! :relaxed:

then there is something amiss … the prez’s have bats in the belfry … lights are on but no one at home …

And to compound the issue ALL AMERICA witnessed UH dismantling of OU and still remembers the one done to the Noles especially since practically the same team dismantled a good Ole Miss team recently.

Really wish one of the other conferences would swoop in now and make a strategic move to take us. Hell, Pac 12, take us and Tulane or New Mexico. ACC could take us and Tulane, UCONN, or Cincy. B!G can take us and UCONN. Make this blow up in the Big 12’s face and basically signal their death.

Won’t happen, but one can dream. I agree with Dodd; if you don’t take Houston and BYU, your conference will be considered a joke. Sad that the Kansas’s and Iowa States can have so much influence over this process.

This quote is telling though:

Another source from a school trying to make the cut said the process is “bizarre in every way.”


Playing Devil’s Advocate here… Why the heck do we want to join a conference that, without us or some other good school’s influence, is doomed to failure?

Exposure. That’s about it really. The 2 schools coming into the B12 will most likely get a small amount of $ as new members.

I want the PAC12. We offer them access to Houston recruits and TV. The BIG12 is just one Texas and Oklahoma withdrawal away from collapse. I hope that UH school officials are working the PAC12.


If another conference jumped in now, we could at least create a bidding war on the money part. That would be great leverage against taking a small share of the TV revenue.

What is keeping the PAC from making a move?

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Our AD did meet with the PAC Commish back in July…however expansion was not discussed… officially.

The Big 12 is the best deal for us. It will drive ticket sales in multiple venues.PAC 12 brings us little in stadium revenue and tv sucks with all the late games. Big 12 brings us rivalries we all want and need going forward along with local interest.

The key is that it isn’t punitive to join. I heard no tv money for multiple years. Now what good is that if the GOR isn’t extended? By the time we get paid Texas & OU could be planning their departure.

Yeah, I can’t imagine us agreeing to take no TV money. How is that better than being in the AAC? I’d be ok with a graduated take, but the baseline has to be more than we’re making from the AAC right now. I personally would rather be in the Big 12 than any other conference (except for the SEC) because of what you said–regional rivalries and easy-to-get-to away games. But I do wish another conference would show some interest to give us leverage for negotiating the TV take.

No tv money?

If that’s even remotely true, I’d stay in the AAC. We’d have a better shot at the New Year’s six bowls and our other sports wouldn’t be absolutely crushed by teams with $20-80 million bigger budgets.

The only reason to go to the Big 12 is for the money. I don’t care about rivalries. We’ve already been down this road with these teams and they left our carcass for dead. I’d also rather not give the impression that we’re that desperate.

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FSU only had to play one half to beat the Rebs.

Joining the Big 12 also gives us a good 10 years in a P5 conference so that if/when the Big 12 disintegrates, we are much better positioned to be taken in by another P5 conference. For that reason alone, I’d be willing to take less than a full share of TV revenue, but certainly not zero. That’s insane!


^ This.
The Big 12 GOR lasts until 2025. That gives us a head start should things consolidate down before or then into 4 Power conferences. At least we’d be on equal footing with Tech, TCU, and Baylor. And lets not forget money. Right now every Big 12 team makes $29 million more per year just from the conference. Minimum.

We could cut that in half and still come way out ahead. Really for me keeping the coaching staff is key, and to do that we need a P5 conference and the B12 is the only date in town.

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But we would have access to higher paying bowls if we don’t make a NY6 bowl. If we lose two games currently, we are doomed to bowls that actually lose us money. If we lose 3 pr 4 games in the B12, we still get the Capital One bowl or something that pays well. Plus as Chris pointed out, we will get more people coming to games in other sports besides football, so that is more revenue coming in.

With that said, no TV money would be a bitter pill to swallow. We are atleast getting some money now. I would hope for atleast doubling of what we are getting now for a few years. But even if it is the same, the increase in revenue just in being in the B12 would be a boost. More importantly, when this all falls a part in a few years, we will have a seat at the table to be in the P4 conferences.

That sounds like something the Big 12 would do. That is just stupid and why this conference is falling apart. How are we supposed to make up the 4 or 5 million that we get now from the AAC?

I am hoping “officially” is the key word there!

It’ll be some tv money coming in. I think they started out TCU at 1/2 of the normal rate or so.

Hell, we’d only have to get $2million dollars to double what we get currently.

I would so much rather the PAC as well. Honestly this whole process of parading 20 some schools hat in hand to them while they wish wash about oh we might expand oh we might not expand stuff is just garbage.

Cruise their forums and you’ll see their fanbases have absolutely no respect or desire for us. To hell with them.

The money for our program and the chance to rage-stomp them into the ground the only reasons to want in at all. But I’d rather live in the PAC by a long shot.

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No TV money? Hell that changes everything.

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