The case for Ward at WR

Herman recently made comments about Ward needing to do more than lead by example given his position, and I worry that he’s just not the vocal Type A leader that the offense needs. If we’re being honest, his passing is his weakest trait, so I think a move back to wideout would play to his strengths while allowing him to be a low-key producer on offense. Bear Fenimore has all the measurables and I wonder if Herman isn’t coaching him up to surprise us all come the fall.

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Umm no - would hope Bear might get some time at holder for place kicks
Could be the next Tyson Helton and certainly helped launched his coaching career once he graduated and perhaps Bear envisions a similar career for himself

Interesting post Pearland. Greg is an elite level athlete without question and could excel at multiple positions.

That being said I would be surprised if he isnt starter against OU to start the season. Greg is a game changer at QB and could be up for the Heisman this year. Im serious, he is that good and has a growing national recognition. He plays well in the opener and UH wins–UH will be top 10 easy— and boom–he is in the conversation.

Additionally his throwing mechanics and accuracy looked to have improved at the spring game. It was evident to me that he had been worked with.

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12 months ago now CTH called Ward a poor man’s Braxton Miller. Braxton’s injuries led him to wide out, so it’s not out of the question with Coach. But we should have game-changing wide outs this year, and no experienced QB (short of Postma’s two games).
And also, well, watch a Ward highlight reel. Him being in the backfield is what creates situations where he can run the field.


Greg Ward is our quarter back, end of story. And it sure as heck won’t be Bear Fenimore replacing him.

I was proud of how Greg’s game and leadership matured between 2014 and 2015. We’ll see even more improvement this season. I also look forward to seeing how The Major calls plays after having one season under his belt with CTH.

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Are you frickin’ joking? Ward has a 70% completion percentage. Greg Ward is considered by almost everyone to be the top QB in the conference and one of the top in the nation.

It didn’t take long for crazy to make it to the new CoogFans.


Troll thread.

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You need to increase your dosage.


The first post I read here is asking the 19-2 starter to move to WR. He’s only undefeated in his last 14 starts.



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Yup, I’m definitely on the right site.

Clearly yanking your chains

Other great ideas…

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Stagger Lee
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Don’t forget about the blue alternate jerseys and palm trees in every corner.


I hear Russia will be primed for an invasion this winter.


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He’s an elite college QB. He will be looked at as a wr in the NFL. Very Julian Edelman-like.

This post is hilarious. The suggestion holds about as much weight as those who believed Adam Schulz had a real shot at being the starter going into last season. Anything Herman says at this point is purely to motivate GW to his highest level.

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