The Catch


Do y’all think this was intentional? It looked to me like wars was throwing this ball away. Either way it was still epic, but it would be even more epic if that was intentional.

I am leaning towards intentional, otherwise he prolly would have sailed it like to the 1st row.

Definitely intentional. He was trying to float it over the defense, and his momentum made the ball drift out of bounds. Watching the replay reminded me how great a job Ward did to escape trouble there.

Phenomenal escape and throw by Ward and amazing grab by Bonner.

Go Coogs!

Love the catch, and this probably wouldn’t have taken away from OU’s attempt to catch Ward…at the beginning, watch #70 Houston shove OU #90 into OU #92. We are very lucky that wasn’t called.

I think that was definitely intentional and was thrown in a place where only Bonner could have a chance at it. There’s a good reason that Ward’s interception rate has always been very low!

Didn’t catch SportsCenter that night. Anyone see if this or the Kick Six made the Top 10?

I didn’t see it, but in an interview, Bonner said he thought it was #3 and Wilson’s return was #1. He thought it was pretty cool to get on the top 10 he has watched all his life.