The city’s first career/technical Catholic High School

Also, stay tuned.

Opus Dei currently has grade 3-8 boys and girls schools.

A new Opus Dei high school in Houston could be in the works.

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I have heard great things about Cathedral. Frassati is run by nuns who are unyielding in their demands of excellence. I initially thought it was over the top in its demands but after talking to kids who are there…there is an espri de corp because everyone goes through it.

They have 100% college acceptance rate at the most prestigious colleges.

Not sure I would send my kid to an Opus Dei centered school. They are, uh, a bit out there.

I mean that’s a very polite way to put it.

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Strake is the best Catholic High School in Houston! Sports you say? They compete in UIL. That’s like playing in the SEC.

the idea of an Opus Dei football coach, would make for a really scary film.

@norbert I am going to have to reluctantly agree, coming from a guy that believes “Eagle Fight Never Dies”.

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I dig ‘em.

Their DC prep school is truly first rate.

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Pooooor Eagles!

Ah your a jebbie, that explains a lot. :wink:

I’d rather be dead than red, rather be dead.

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Awesome church. I attend Mass there about once every other month. Fr. Hough delivers a great homily, and made an appearance for the Catholic Writers Guild on our last retreat which was held at Our Lady of Walsingham.

Thanks for the link. I had never heard of this school. Looks super.
[Edit: This school is in Maryland, not Houston. Read on for a local choice.]

Another one for consideration is Cristo Rey. It occupies the former Mount Carmel HS which my brother and sister attended when the Carmelite order ran the church. The elementary school was under the School Sisters of Notre Dame. That’s as far as I got. It no longer exists as a school, although the building is still there.

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In DC, the Heights School is considered a top prep school. A number of sons of Congresspeople attend.

If the new Opus Dei HS in Houston is anything like it, then it’ll be great.

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We attended the New Family Welcome last night at St Peter HS.

Currently there are 12 projected sophomores and 12 incoming freshmen enrolled for next school year. There is room for more, and the principal stated that they’ll be continuing to accept new students all the way up to the start of the school year.

If you’re looking for a local high school, it’s worth consideration.

Holy crap, it’s $15K to go to a vocational school? Strake Jesuit’s sister school, Christo Rey, is only less than $4K. I guess Strake tuition is subsidizing them?

Last I checked, St. John’s is about $30K per year.

And according to their website, Strake Jesuit is about $26K per year.

Keep us posted on his journey.

St. Peter’s and Cathedral are the two most interesting new private schools in town.

I’ll be following them closely!

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We’re getting some generous financial aid that covers 2/3rds of the tuition. Depending on income, some only pay 10% of the “list price”.

From Christo Rey website: Although the approximate cost to educate a Cristo Rey Jesuit student is $18,000 per student per year, this is NOT the cost that families are expected to pay.

Christo Rey has strict income limits. For a family of 3, like ours, maximum family income is $74k. Also, students put in sweat equity: All Cristo Rey Jesuit students work throughout their four years of high school, earning approximately 50% of the cost of their education while also gaining valuable business experience and building their resume.

Location was also important to us. Wife will be spending a lot of time in the Medical Center over the next couple years; having school and wife’s hospitals all within a 5-10 minute drive is helpful.

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Christo Rey does a great job with their work program. We have had two students at my work, CHRISTUS Foundation for HealthCare since I’ve been here. The first then went to UST and interned with us. She could have had a job after, but we didn’t have a position open. Instead, she is now teaching at her elementary school. The second then went to UST as a nursing major and is currently interning with our Mobile Clinics. When she graduates, we hope she will stay with us even longer as a nurse.