The crowd for bama game

I am rewatching the second half right now.

This crowd is amazing it looks like every seat in each and every row is filled.

Go Coogs!!!

For those that were able to make it, you all should be very proud of yourselves.

Amazing way to represent THE University of Houston!


Over 7,700 in attendance :exploding_head:


Why that loss to me is so heart breaking. I have never seen that may UH fan at agame an houre before game let alone almost all fans in their seats for tip off. This was a game decades of wait in the making. The fans were riled up. Dream, many Rockets, and Andrea Johnson at the game. This is one of those game that just a special element becuase of build up one that was meant to go down in Coog Lore, but ive seen it so many times and it tough being a Coog. A game where the fans are focused, city attention, national attention, and can really say this UH team is not overated and real deal and the Coogs cant get the job done blowing a 15 point lead for the win that would of gone down in Houston Lore as a big win on UH Campus. I just hope UH fans despite the heart breaking loss keep filling FC and the City of Houston’s continues the support. As Yeoman said “It tough being a Coog”


my feelings 100%


It was fun! Has several new fans in our area and many of the regulars. New fans were great, regretting not jumping on the bandwagon earlier. For those who bemoan some who sell their seats, that’s just another way to help build the fan base. Also, among the newcomers, saw very few Bama fans.

Now, if we could just get the regular at the top of our section to quit yelling “Refs you suck” every 15 seconds it would be a bonus. :sunglasses:

That one balding white ref did suck. He probably had double the amount of whistles rest of the crew and anytime it was some week ticky tack foul against the Coogs it was majority of the time that one ref blowing whistle for the foul.

@HoustonCoogster-- Is that you yelling! :flushed: :grin:

Just think how loud Reliant is gonna get.


Exactly… Now, that I’ve digested the loss… I’d rather this team lose now and feel that sting than to lose in March on a similar effort.

We have to finish at the bucket… 20 points left on the court yesterday in missed layups.


What is your opinion on scalping? :smile::smiley:
What up Kyle B!

I doubt it was the 7700 why we missed all our shots in warm ups and came out so tight to start the game.

And I doubt TV had anything to do with it either.

I figure it was the 35 NBA scouts.


I feel like it screwed some Coogs view of the game… All they saw was wranglers with a can of copenhagen in the back pocket all game…


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Well… One Coog showed they were NBA ready yesterday…

It’s bloody and painful, if the victim is still alive . . . . .


Hard to have any faults with Shead but I really wished he would’ve started shooting earlier. He had several turnovers/bad passes when he had open layups and floaters there for the taking.

I agree with you. I commented exactly that to my wife on Saturday. He was the one that made every call that I thought was questionable


Nothing in sports has ever gutted me like the loss to NC State in the championship game. Nothing else has even come close. The first year of our 3 year final four run in the 80’s we weren’t even supposed to make the tourney much less the final 4. After the loss to NC, our group was walking around the French Quarter yelling “We’re tied for 3rd!”

When we lost to Georgetown, I blamed that on the officiating making sure Thompson would win. When the SWC official came out of the tunnel and I saw Tanco of the SWC was one of the refs, I knew we would get jobbed and we were. That guy jobbed us in every game he called during conference play. Clyde Drexler said exactly what I said about making sure Thompson won.


I always remember the headline in the Houston Post the following day “It’s my Party and I’ll Cry if I Want To!”

I agree that was devastating.

On the flip side for me the most exciting win was beating Louisville in The Summit.

The games against Arkansas were also epic in those years!

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We never played Louisville in the Summit. Are you talking about The 83 semifinal in Albuquerque? We did beat Maryland at the Summit in the 83 opening round